April 18th, 2014



So during my trip to San Francisco, I went to a few vintage and thrift shops, and I found some little treasures at “Out of the Closet“, on Polk Street (among other horrible stuff, but you know how thrift shops work, you gotta dig and be patient).

Here is the result: a 25 dollars cute outfit that I will be able to wear during and after my pregnancy! Continue…

My Little Gingham Dress

April 15th, 2014


23 weeks pregnant now!

It’s time to switch my tight pants for something more comfy, such as this cute little (very little) dress, from Brigitte Bardot Collection. Its cut is ideal for my baby bump (although it is not a pregnancy dress), and the adorable gingham print gives it some “naive” style I love! Continue…

Rosario Los Angeles – LA Fashion’s New Hope

April 14th, 2014

LA Fashion Week is not the most reputed in this tough industry…I would even say that other cities such as NYC or Paris look at it with a condescending smile, like there is NO WAY that one day Los Angeles can compete with them.

Well, maybe it is time to stop patronizing it, because some really good stuff came out of last LA Fashion Week, especially the runway of Rosario, a new Los Angeles Designer I could not resist to share with you. Continue…