5 Styles, 5 Mid-Season Jackets for Baby Boys

March 24th, 2015

MID-SEASON-JACKETS-FOR-BABY-BOY 1. 64 ; 2. H&M (similaire ici) ; 3. Petit Bateau ; 4. Zara ; 5. Kiabi

I don’t want to taunt anybody, but I gotta confess that when I was in California, I did not need to buy a jacket for Jules: a jumpsuit, a hat to protect him from the sun, and done deal!

But since I came back to France, with this Winter which seems like it will never end, I had to go for a little shopping to warm my baby up.

It’s true, I am not a pro concerning baby fashion brands yet. They grow up so fast, I’d rather buy few and renew often then spending time looking for something original that he will wear twice. So I stick to brands I know and love, like Petit Bateau, Kiabi, H&M…who may be mainstream but also have super cute designs. Oh, and also, since I was born and raised in the Bask Country, I can’t help dressing him with the local brand 64, which does adorable sporty and casual stuff for kids.

Here’s my selection of 5 jackets, with 5 different styles, I spotted (and sometimes bought :-) )

Initials LA

Fashion Trend Summer 2015 : Mixed Stripes

March 20th, 2015


I don’t count anymore how many striped shirts I have accumulated over the years. First, it’s a basic for every French girl, but it is also a very easy-to-wear and timeless piece, which will look good with everything (from the flare jeans to the mini-skirt) and for any occasion.

This summer, the trend is to mix the stripes: horizontal and vertical, fine and large, we dare to wear them all at once! Here is my shopping selection: Continue…


March 18th, 2015


With all my recent travels, I could not be in Paris for this years Fashion Week (which is not that bad actually ;) ), but I didn’t even have time to watch the runways.

So yesterday, I had a full day to catch-up, and my feelings about Paris Fashion Week are mixed…of course, I am always a fan of designers such as Dior, Lemaire, Chloé, Isabel Marant…but generally, I feel like nothing new was brought to the table for Fall-Winter 2015-2016.

The irony is that right after, I googled “fashion trends for the winter 2016″, and what did I find? Articles such as “30 Trends spotted during the Fashion Week”, or “the Best of the Fashion Week”, with 100 pictures to go through.
Easy to get lost, right?

So I went through each of them, and this is, to me, the 10 fashion trends to follow for the Fall-Winter 2015-2016 Continue…

White Suit – Chanel Bag

March 16th, 2015


I am currently writing from France, where I came back to a few days ago, and more specifically from my bed, under a big blanket, because it’s freezing here! Spring, where are you?

Looking at these pictures makes me miss even more LA and the beautiful weather we had there. Anyway, this is the last shooting I did in California with my friend and fashion blogger Liz (did you check our last post together, wearing the same outfit?).

I am sure the first thing you noticed was this little Chanel wonder hanging on my arm. Unfortunately, it is not mine, but Liz’s; it validated my thoughts that Chanel looks really good on me :-). Continue…

7 Pink Things I Want For Spring

March 12th, 2015

7-Pink Things-for-spring-wishlist

My favorite season is coming in less than 10 days!

Springtime is the only time of the year where, after the dark and cold Winter, I make an exception to the black/white/navy outfits, and crave some cheerful colours.

This year, the winning shade for me is cheery-pink, a vibrant and luminous colour which fits perfectly on brunettes like me, and I could not help making this wishlist even before the first signs of Spring.
Unfortunately, my birthday, Christmas and Valentine’s day are behind us, but hey, I am a mum for the first time, so now, I am looking forward Mother’s Day ;-).

Hat: Big Aristote ; Skirt: Maje ; Lingerie : LOU ; Nail Polish: Chanel #167 et #519 ; Sandals : Céline : Top : Isabel Marant Etoile

Initials LA

20 Chic Pool Slide Sandals (YES it’s possible!)

March 11th, 2015

claquettes-piscine-mode été 2015

Get ready, because the least sexy shoe trend is coming this summer: the pool slide sandals.

To make it sound nicer, magazines and brands will brand it as “mule”, “flat sandal”, or “sliders”, but let’s call a spade a spade, a plastic sandal with one or two flanges is something you used to wear to go to the pool, or, if you want to be fancy, at the SPA.

The sooner you live with it, the sooner you will learn how to wear it without looking like a German tourist.

But this season, designers proved that the pool slide sandals can be chic (Burberry Prorsum, Zadig et Voltaire for example).

I even think that with its super casual and comfy style, pool slide sandals can be addictive and become the Summer equivalent of the UGG! Ugly, not flattering, but too comfortable.

Here are my 20 favorite models to shop, and, to inspire you, a few outfits of bloggers rocking their pool slide sandals: Continue…

One look -2 Bloggers

March 11th, 2015

ONE-LOOK-2-BLOGGERS los angeles

Hi Girls!

Let me introduce you my friend Liz, who is also a fashion blogger, living between Paris and LA, just like me!

She is blonde, I am brunette, her skin is like porcelain, I am more dark skin…with our different styles and morphologies, we decided to shoot the same outfit together, to show that it can fit everyone!
We are wearing a khaki sweater from Topshop (I can’t get enough khaki this season), and yes, over-the-knee boots, because it would be too sad to stop wearing those beauties just because Springtime is coming!

Do you like this mid-season outfit? Continue…

Socks : The New Mid-Season Accessory

March 6th, 2015
how to wear socks with sandals summer

Photo @LeDressingdeLeeloo.com

Great news for those who count the days before Springtime: get your summer heels, because socks are the new accessory to rock with them! High, low, solid, printed, the only rule is to show them!

Here are 5 combos shoes + socks to adopt undoubtedly: Continue…