3 Original Baby Gifts

March 3rd, 2015

Birth gifts are difficult for everybody: if you are not a parent yet, you may have no clue what new parents might need (a bottle of vodka? tranquillisers?), and if you are, you don’t think “cute” anymore, but “useful”, that’s why you think it’s better to give a pack of 50 wipes than a nice little jacket.

I might be very new in the motherhood game, but I wanted to share with you 3 gifts I received which I really appreciated:

The Perfect Street Style / Milan Fashion Week

March 3rd, 2015

Milan Fashion Week Street Style 2015

Let’s face it: with the explosion of Social Media, Fashion Week is the occasion for some fashionistas to show off and try to get the attention of the photographers/bloggers, no matter the weather (I am thinking of those poor girls in sandals during NYFW), no matter what it takes, even if they look like scarecrows.

That’s why I was thrilled to read this post on The Satorialist this morning, featuring this gorgeous and FINALLY “normal” outfit spotted during Milan Fashion Week. Continue…

Mom Jeans

March 2nd, 2015


People love to criticise LA for its lack of fashion (too sexy, too casual, too much). But hey, have you heard of the worldwide success of the Coachella style (high-waist shorts, hats, crochet tops, lace…) or the boho trend, which has been popular for years now?

All this comes from LA, this city where it’s always sunny, and sorry, you don’t need to dress up :-).

Maybe it’s time to monitor the fashionistas from the city of Angels…

If you’d like to be one step ahead, here is a new trend I spotted: the return of the “Mom Jeans” which are not the most flattering with their high-waist cut, large on the legs, tight on the ankles. Continue…

Summer 2015 Trend : The Suede

February 25th, 2015


The collaboration between H&M and the Coachella Festival announced it: the Hippie Chic trend is not dead!

Even more, the whole 70′s “Flower Power” style is to be worn this summer, with the come back of the crochet pattern, bell-bottom pants…and suede.

If the classical camel fringed jacket is always hip, there are new ways to wear the suede this summer: on dresses, skirts, long vests…and in new colours (like this beautiful pastel blue seen on the Chloé runway).

Shop my 15 favorites pieces: Continue…

3 Ways to Wear the “Mom Jeans”

February 23rd, 2015


Fashion is an endless repetitive cycle, and denim is no exception.

After years squeezing our legs in Skinny Jeans, then freeing it with the Boyfriend Jeans, the most improbable trend is back: the “Mom Jeans”, named after our mothers who were wearing them proudly in the 80′s/90′s (eras which were not the most brillant for fashion).

And yes, I fell for them.

Which is so ironic, when you think that:
1. Back in that time, I’d rather DIE than look like my mum
2. Its high-waist cut, large on the legs, tight on the ankles, is not the most flattering.

But there are some tricks in 2015, to wear the Mom Jeans without looking like the Beverly Hills 90210 cast.

Here are 3 ways I spotted on Pinterest: Continue…

Army Jacket

February 22nd, 2015


Yesterday, I was writing about the come back of the Army Jacket, and more generally of the khaki trend for the Summer 2015.

Perfect coincidence: last week, at the Melrose Trading Post in LA, I found this vintage military shirt, which has been customised with a wolf patch on the back. I wear it oversized, as a jacket, I am in love with it!
The rest of my outfit is signed Anine Bing, an LA-based designer I wrote about recently. So, the Army style…yes or no? Continue…

10 Inspirational Baby Photographies

February 22nd, 2015


I am kicking off the new “KIDS” category of Initials LA, with a topic which obsesses every mother-to-be: the first “official” pictures of your baby. The one you will put in a frame, send to announce your kid’s birth, and, in since we are in 2015, probably post on Facebook and use as your wallpaper.

Future parents, you might find this horribly cliché, but understand that we NEED this picture: to remember that our baby was a little angel, and that we were so happy to welcome him, before the after-giving birth, the screams, the lack of sleep, the baby blues…bring chaos in our lives.

And when it came to take those pictures, I followed a few rules : Continue…

Summer 2015 Trend: The Military Khaki

February 22nd, 2015

Fashion Trend Summer 2015 Kaki Military

Already spotted in my post about the fashion trends for the Summer 2015, the military trend is confirmed and is invading the stores.

Don’t panic, it does not mean you gotta adopt the camouflage print, but you surely want to wear khaki, through all its variations (from the dark-brownish color to the pale olive). The good news: it is pretty to wear, because very casual, and highlights the tan in Summer!

The Must-have pieces of the season:
- The Army Jacket, which you will choose tight like Anine Bing‘s model, to give it a feminine and sexy twist
- The Khaki shirt, which, at the contrary, you will pick oversized, to wear as a jacket over a sexy tank.
- The Cargo or Chino pants
- The Shorts, for a safari-chic style

Here is my top 10 selection for the Military Trend: Continue…

The Midi Skirt

February 18th, 2015


The Midi Skirt has been back for a few seasons, and let’s confess it, it’s not the most flattering trend : not short enough to be sexy, not long enough to be glamorous, its under-the-knee length cut the leg, is the enemy of petites sizes, and sometimes remind us our grandma’s style.

However, there are ways to twist it without looking like a Mad Men secretary, following a few simple rules: Continue…

New In : Chloe

February 18th, 2015


Hi there!

I am so happy to welcome this little guy in my closet!

I am not a big fan of it-bags usually, and finding a bag which would be chic, timeless and not too branded gave me a hard time. Continue…