The “No POO” Trend: 5 ways to stop to use shampoo

July 28th, 2014


Bored on my couch during my 9th month of pregnancy, I was looking for a miracle DYI to repair my very damaged hair (cause i must be the only pregnant girl on earth who has dry and dull hair…), when I discovered this surprising new trend: the “No Poo” movement, or how to stop to use commercial shampoos, masks, hair oils, moisturizing treatments…

First, it sounded totally crazy to me, who can’t resist to try every new product on the market, which makes my bathroom look like the Haircare Department of Sephora.

Then, I remembered that every revolution is chocking at first (remember when we all thought that skinny jeans made our legs look like sausages 15 years ago?), and decided to give this trend a try.

Here are the 5 best alternatives to shampoos I found on the website Continue…

Big Aristote’s hats

July 16th, 2014

Chapeau Big Artistote Paris Mode Zeebo

I’ve always loved hats. To me, a beautiful hat is the perfect accessory for every outfit, from the casual jeans with an androgynous shirt to the classic little black dress.
Even better, I think that in summer, there is nothing more chic than a felt hat, compared to the straw hats, too light, too fragile, and too much seen.

I usually love to buy my hats in vintage stores, but I had a huge crush on the hats of the parisian brand Big Aristote.

Fashion Paris Blog Blog Edgy Hat Big Artistote

Chapeau Zeebo – Big Aristote
Picture by Aurélie Siou

Big Aristote’s hats are everything I love: unisex basics (only 3 models per season, because who needs more?), high-quality (handmade in Spain), in various flet and ribbon colors. Classic, sober, chic, period.

chapeau-Pistol-Pete-big artistote bompard

The model I fell in love with at first glance is the Zeebo, a wide brim hat, which I chose in chic navy with a blue ribbon.

Zeebo-noir-bleu Big Artistote Chapeau

The two other models of the brand: the Pistol Pete bowler hat or Drexler two-tone fedora hat, more fun and less retro.


Picture by Aurélie Siou

To shop Big Aristote:
- If you come to Paris, I recommend that you fo try those hats at the edgy concept store Springsioux in Le Marais.
- On Big Aristote‘s website.


Hippie Chic Embroideries

July 7th, 2014


I have the best girlfriends in the world: they understood that being pregnant does not mean wearing ONLY large and long dresses or a loose blouse, and they gave me this adorable white mini-dress from boho designer Antik Batik, with hippie chic embroideries.

I wear it here with camel and gold colors to give an extra summer twist to the outfit.

A special thank you to my loves Lauren and Karine for this present! And to Aurélie who took the pictures while my man, aka JP, is away. Continue…

Surf In The City

June 30th, 2014

Surf-Tee-shirt-64-biarritz- beach


I am lucky enough to be able to work from home, but I wanted to shoot an outfit for all the pregnant women who must go to the office everyday, and don’t know how to be trendy after 7-8 months of pregnancy.
Those maternity pants from H&M are the ideal piece to get, chic and comfy.

To give a summer twist to my outfit, I am wearing a beach printed shirt from 64, the star brand of my native region, and a palm trees canvas tote bag from Bollywood Bazzar. Pour plus de photos, cliquez sur “Continue”. Continue…

Pineapple Addict

June 28th, 2014

fan d'ananas fruit tropical vintage fun

Summer 2014 will be fruity, and the big star is the Pineapple!
On a giant printed tee-shirt, a monogram on our swimsuit, as an accessory (on a fun phone case) or as a decoration (how cute is a Pineapple lamp?), fall for this tropical fashion which brings you straight to the beach and holidays (at least mentally). Continue…

My Sales Wishlist: 5 Summer Trends to shop urgently

June 24th, 2014

SALES-SUMMER-2014 best fashion trends to shop

Hmmm…one of my favorite time of the year has finally come: Summer Sales!

To me, it is the perfect occasion to shop an original piece, the kind of piece you did not dare to wear during the season, trying to convince yourself you don’t need it: “it will be totally old-fashioned in 3 months”, “I will wear it twice and then I will be over it”, “it is too expensive for what it is”…the good thing is that, during the sales, the “-50%” sign beats all those arguments all at once!

So OK, I am pregnant, and it is not the moment for me to go crazy on shopping; but just for pleasure (and for you), I prepared this wishlist of 5 Summer trends I did not shop trying to be reasonable, and for which I would easily fall on sales. Continue…

Wedding Outfit

June 23rd, 2014



I suppose that, like me, you are invited to several weddings this summer, and you are obsessed with the eternal question: “what will I wear?”.
Forget your cute little white dress, the bride will hate you. A strapless dress? You will just look like everyone else.
I opted for a flashy red jumpsuit, a strong and chic piece which is all the rage every time I wear it, and is easy to accessorize, original, modern and trendy.
Its ultimate advantage for me: I still can wear it during my 8th month of pregnancy! Continue…