Socks & Sandals: Surprisingly Stylish


Some would consider it a long-standing rule of fashion that socks and sandals shouldn’t mix. While it’s true that the look can be quite tacky, it’s also important to understand that “socks and sandals” doesn’t just mean traditional white athletic socks crammed into flip-flops. In fact, a number of fashion collections and exhibitions in recent years have demonstrated that variations of the socks and sandals look can actually be pretty stylish! Continue reading

Isabel Marant “Go-to” Dress


Bonjour! I am back on the blog after a few weeks of absence, and after my (re)wedding that I celebrated last week-end in the South-West of France (preview here).
It took me a good week to recover from this amazing party, and since it’s still 90 degrees here, and I am depressed at the thought of the incoming Fall, I am posting one of my last Summer outfits (it’s never too soon to get inspired for next Summer!) Continue reading

The Streets of Cadiz


I can’t stop posting pictures about our trip to Andalusia!

In Cadiz, I fell in love with the architecture of the old city and its narrow and colored streets. I took so many pictures of pink, white, yellow, green streets that it was tough to sort it out!

About my look: I am wearing this gorgeous one piece swimwear/bodysuit from Maje (I wore it almost everyday there), which is still on sales on their on-line shop!

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“Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal” – The Iconic Smocking Jacket by Saint Laurent


Growing up as a French girl, you learn a few things about fashion. Living in Paris you are enveloped by the influences of Haute Couture giants, experiencing firsthand the timeless styles of Parisian women.

Coco Chanel brought us the Little Black Dress; one of the first fashion tips my mother gave to me. Christian Dior celebrated the femininity of women, and showed them how to highlight their waists and curves with the famous “New Look”. Finally, Yves-Saint Laurent empowered us, daring to design a piece straight from the men’s wardrobe: the Smoking jacket, the first tuxedo jacket for women.

To celebrate the opening of the Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal exhibition, I accepted a collaboration with Farfetch to compose an outfit starring this iconic piece, respecting Saint Laurent’s famous words: “Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal”.

Interesting quote for a Fashion designer, isn’t it?

When you look at Yves Saint Laurent’s muses, Betty Catroux and Loulou de la Falaise, you see two women with a different approach to fashion: Betty was very modern, edgy, with touch of rock-n-roll, while Loulou was more about ethnic jewelry and fabrics. Both had their own unique style, something that Saint Laurent valued more than anything in a woman.

To me, when he says “Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal”, he means that there is no point in following trends if you haven’t found your own signature style. Fashion passes quickly (very quickly these days), but your style defines you and allows you to play with fashion instead of being its slave.


Following this concept, I imagined something different from the classical tuxedo outfit (mostly seen with a pantsuit and a white blouse) created by Saint Laurent in 1966. I tried to imagine a style which fits my own me; an outfit I could wear today and in 10 years with the same pleasure.

If you follow this blog, you know my adulation for stripes (is it my French blood or just an obsession?). It’s a timeless basic which, when combined with the Tuxedo jacket, gives an effortless chic style, that is so very Parisian. I would contrast the strict cut of the jacket with a black and white silk skirt, and then add another touch of femininity by enhancing my waist with a belt. To complete the look, I would pick chunky heel boots, a wink to the male closet which Saint Laurent loved to mix with the woman’s.

The more I look at this, the more I think I could never get bored of this outfit, never ever!

What’s your interpretation of Saint Laurent’s words: “Fashion Fades, Style is Eternal?”


Sunset in Cadiz


Our first night in Cadiz, one month ago now…time flies!
We had a nice walk by the coast of the old city (which is the prettiest part of Cadiz, with a mix of Spanish, Moorish and Art Deco architecture). Continue reading

Cadiz – Hotel La Cathedral


Before I post the pictures of our trip to Cadiz, I had to make a quick post about the hotel we booked there: the Hotel La Cathedral.

It was ideally located on the square of Cadiz’s Cathedral (so beautiful with its mix of baroque and moorish architecture), a few steps from the ocean, but overall…with a rooftop pool with a direct view on the Cathedral, as if you could touch it, and a 360° view of the city.

The perfect spot to chill when it’s more than 105°outside in the afternoon! Continue reading

Sevilla – Day 2


You know it’s Summer because I barely publish on the blog!
Yet we are not on holidays: between the preparations for our wedding, my return to the States in Fall, Jules and my work (which does not magically stops in July and August, unfortunately), I feel a little overwhelmed.

That’s why it feels so good to look back at those pics from our week in Andalucia, Spain.
Here is our second day in Sevilla (the first day was posted here), and since I am a little lazy, I also post the outfit of the week at the same time! It’s a timeless Summer outfit featuring my fav oversize top by my lovely Margaux Lonnberg . Continue reading



Wow, I haven’t published anything in two weeks!

For those who follow me on Instagram, you know I was in Andalucia with my man (the first holidays just the two of us without our son), and it felt so good to enjoy those days and put the blog aside for once.

But I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures to share our trip with you, and let me tell you that the selection was not easy. Continue reading

Play It Draped


I realized writing this that it’s the second time in one month that I am wearing a tight dress, which is surprising knowing that for years I was going for fluid and oversize cuts.

It’s true that since I turned 30, I am living better with my body than when I was 20, and I am going for more feminine and sexy cuts.

And if I must wear a tight dress, I want it casual, that’s why this dress from IRO convinced me: it’s the perfect everyday cotton dress, but the draped details on the hips add a sophisticated touch which allow you to twist it into a party dress if you wish.

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