Play It Draped


I realised writing this that it’s the second time in one month that I am wearing a tight dress, which is surprising knowing that for years I was going for fluid and oversize cuts.

It’s true that since I turned 30, I am living better with my body than when I was 20, and I am going for more feminine and sexy cuts.

And if I must wear a tight dress, I want it casual, that’s why this dress from IRO convinced me: it’s the perfect everyday cotton dress, but the draped details on the hips add a sophisticated touch which allow you to twist it into a party dress if you wish.

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Chile – Part 2


It was more than 40°C today! I can’t believe that a few days ago I was freezing in Chile with temperatures under zero degrees. I already shared with you the first part of this trip organised by Bose, but I kept the best for the end: today, I am talking about the geysers we went to see, the natural pools we swam in, and the colored lakes we visited. Continue reading

90’s Revival


I love Fashion, but sometimes I feel like nowadays the collections are more and more complicated, and the fabrics heavy especially for the Summer: neoprene tops, cutout dresses, layers of lace…when its 30°C in Paris (like it’s the case now), you just want to slip in a light and easy-to-wear dress.

I remember the dresses that my mother was wearing in the 90’s. They looked like slip dresses, in cotton or silk, they were very tight, but she was wearing it with flat sandals or white sneakers, which was cute, feminine and sexy at the same time. If you can’t picture it, think of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell in the 90’s, or the dresses of Rachel in Friends. Ring a bell?

20 years later, I found the perfect mini-bodycon dress, from Newlook (an addictive website with hundreds of pretty affordable creations).
I thought I would not dare to wear such a tight cut, but honestly it’s a very light model that you wear like a second skin.

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One Piece


I am planning to spend the Summer in the South of France, and there I only need denim shorts and a one piece swimsuit (which I wear at the beach or as a bodysuit at night).

Looking for the perfect piece on the web, I’ve been agreeably surprised by some designers/brands: Maje launched an amazing bronze model in Lurex (must look good on my skin :-) ), the French designer Albertine Swim (if you don’t know her, go on her eshop NOW, she is the Queen of swimsuits to me) made me melt with her embroidered Camarat model, or Sahara Ray (who I met a year ago during a shooting with Sean Murphy) launched her own super sexy line of swimsuits, for those who dare.

Which one will you fall for?

En haut, de gauche à droite: Albertine Swim (similaire de la même marque ici) ; Maje ; Topshop : Asos
En bas, de gauche à droite: Roxy (similaire de la même marque ici) ; Brazilian Bikini ; Topshop ; Sahara Ray Swim.



Thanks Mama


When my mother was in Paris two weeks ago, we went for long shoppings days, and she bought herself this cropped jeans and raffia sandals from J-Crew. She did not even have time to wear it once that I was borrowing it! Continue reading

White Summer

white-shopping-fashion summer

One go-to style this Summer: monochrome white, so chic and uncluttered.

Veste fluide: Mango ; Jupe: Zadig et Voltaire (similaire ici) ; Flatforms : Topshop chez Zalando ; Soutien-Gorge: Princesse Tam Tam ; Burberry : Sac ; Haut : Isabel Marant ; Sandales : San Marina ; Pantalon : Mango


Chile – The Atacama Desert


If you are following my  Instagram, you know that I just spent a few days in Chile, visiting the Atacama Desert with Bose France.

A unique experience, and a total change of scenery which allowed me to disconnect with my everyday life: there, you don’t think about your OOTD, you just put on layer after layer trying to heat yourself! (it was winter at this time of the year, and the temperature went down to -15°C).

From the salted deserts to the natural pools and the geysers 4000 meters above sea level, this trip was far from the classical beach and palm trees holiday. But Bose wanted to bring us to a memorable place, still unknown by most of people, something we would remember as unique.

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The Ideal Wedding Outfit


I keep repeating it: the jumpsuit is the new little black dress.
I’ve been wearing this IRO jumpsuit for 3 years and for many occasions: at work, for one of my first dates with my man, casual during the week-end with flat sandals…and today, this outfit is my “party” or “special wedding guest” version: super chic with high heels, but still rocking it with a leather jacket. Continue reading

Effortless Chic


This is the kind of outfit which makes me want to go work in an office again: an androgynous striped and oversize shirt, straight black pants, white sandals…so effortless chic and simple at the same time! What if this was another classical Parisian style? Continue reading