4 LA Fashion Bloggers To Follow


If you’re into the blogger sphere, you must know these super famous LA based fashion blogs: Peace Love Shea, Fashion Toast and Sincerely Jules… Well, we’re not talking about them today.

Those girls embody the LA style like the world imagines it: boho, sexy or ultra-feminine, but LA-fashion is not only about showing legs under mini denim shorts, wearing sky-high heels and lace crop tops (no, it’s not Coachella every day).
New bloggers are now bringing a more urban and edgy style, with an eye on how to dress in the city of Angels.

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The Turtle Neck


Photo Credit: Asia Typek

I remember, being a teenager, I thought I was so cool wearing my cable knit turtle necks, with my hair tucked in it, creating a “fake bobbed hairstyle”. Well, I was just 15 years ahead!

Get ready to pop your collar, because turtle necks are back this Winter, as spotted during the street styles of the Fashion Week in Paris. Continue reading

10 Things I liked this Week

A fringed skirt, a cable knit sweater, a leather messenger bag…here are my 10 crushes to shop this week:


6 Original Little Black Dresses

Original and TRENDY little black dress for the Winter 2015

When the little black dress meets the current trends…we can’t resist!
1. A long and transparent tunique dress from Bellerose
2. A leather dress from Les Petites
3. A 60’s Baby Doll from Mango
4. A tuxedo dress from The Kooples
5. A crewneck dress from Margaux Lonnberg
6. A fringed seventies dress from Maje


Sanguaro Hotel Palm Springs


When you’re a blogger, it’s impossible to go to Palm Springs and not stop by the Saguaro hotel to snap a picture of its colorful and cool 70’s architecture.
Snap a picture…it’s a mild word, I did a whole photoshoot of the place! And also quick pictures of my outfit of the day, something as light as possible considering the current heatwave in California, especially in the Coachella Valley.

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Bugaboo by Diesel Denim Collection

bugaboo-by-diesel-denim-bassinet-3 (1)

They’re not lying when they say that Denim is high fashion this season..

The hyp Dutch brand Bugaboo, which designs urban and trendy strollers, (I was sharing pictures of Jules’ one recently), collaborated  for the second time with Diesel to design a special edition collection inspired by Diesel’s iconic brand DNA: Denim.

But wait, we are not talking about  clean, new and immaculate denim canvas. The parents reading me here know well that stainless clothes belong to the past. That’s why Bugaboo and Diesel, with a lot of humour and irony, chose a washed, with splattered paint denim canvas to illustrate the (mostly messy) life of new parents and their kids.

A genius and funny concept, with the #borntobebrave, and a very fashionable stroller for trendy parents!

The French launching, organized with the magazine Les Louves, was following this rebellious and creative spirit: in a Parisian gallery, which was transformed for the day into a painting workshop, our kids were invited to free their imagination.  Continue reading

My Little Dude for 64

Shooting marque 64 tee-shirt bébé garçon

Today, my heart is exploding with pride while I present you the shooting of my little Jules for the French brand 64!
Don’t worry, I am not turning into those mothers who make their kids audition for castings, but I have a sentimental story with this brand, which comes from the Basque Country like me, and whose designs represent the cool “art de vivre” of my region: surf, sport, good food, well-being, party… Continue reading