The funnel neck sweater

Look seventies topshop funnel neck knit

The last time I was wearing a tight funnel neck sweater, I was also wearing blue hair mascara and was probably in elementary school. And I am almost positive I was hating it, since my mother was forcing me to wear it. Continue reading

Play it like Jane

Style seventies Jane Birkin chic

Turtle Neck: Topshop ; Pants: Sandro  ; Bag : & Other Stories ; Bracelet: Mango ; Boots: Asos ; Perfume: Miller Harris ; Hat: Maison Michel on Vestiaire Collective

Since the 70’s style is all the rage, let’s get inspired by one of my favorite fashion icon from this period, Jane Birkin. She was rocking the minimal and chic style like no one, and one of her favorite piece was the high-waisted and flared pants. What do you think?

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Cover up


From left to right: 1. Saint-Laurent coat ; 2. Carven coat ; 3. Céline coat ; 4. Marni coat : 5. Isabel Marant coat

I am a big fan of Vestiaire Collective, an eshop where you can buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion . I can spend hours on the website, it’s a real addiction, especially because they have new stuff EVERY DAY. Anyway, last week, I was looking at their coat selection. I am a little tired of buying cheap coats, and then throwing them at the end of the Winter because they are shredded, that the buttons fall off or the fabric is pilling. I am sure you experienced it too. A coat is a strong piece of our wardrobe, the first one that people will see, and therefore it deserves a certain budget.

And on Vestiaire Collective, I found 5 amazing, timeless, chic coats from designers I could not afford usually, with great discounts (up to 70%!). So, even if, I agree, we are still far from the prices of Zara…isn’t it worth it? Because think about it: 1 Zara coat + 1 Zara coat + 1 Zara coat each season…= a designer coat you will wear for years!

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Paris, Je t’aime.

Paris-je-t'aime,-relève-toi Pray for Paris

“Paris, I love you. Stand Up again”.

Like a lot of people from France, I don’t really have words, and it took me a few days to be able to react. No words, but a lot of rage, fear, and guilt for not being in Paris right now.

Like almost everybody I know, I lost someone last Friday, directly or indirectly, and for all the 128 people who were massacred and their families, I respected a few days of silence and mourning. But this is enough, I am so sick of this insecurity, this fear, which took over Paris since Charlie Hebdo attacks. I won’t say what I really think, because this blog is not political, but I have one thing to say. I hear all the time that French people are stubborn, hanging to their lifestyle, and that Parisian people are real assholes. Well, it’s time to show it. FUCK AND GOOD LUCK TO THOSE WHO TRY TO MAKE FRANCE BOW DOWN TO THEIR STUPID CONVICTIONS.



Source: Madame Defarge Knits

What do you like about Winter? Personally, people often think I am crazy (or provocative), because I hate the fact that there are no cold days in Los Angeles. I miss the Parisian’s Winter, when you drink your hot coffee in the morning next to your electric heater (which burns your skin 9 times out ot ten), wrap yourself in giant scarves, try all the different soups from the supermarket and spend your Sundays in bed watching Netflix…no, I am not afraid of the cold, because I looove to fight it using layers to keep me warm. Give me a cable knit sweater over an oversize shirt, and I am ready to face the Winter. Talking about cable knit, have you noticed how it’s everywhere this season? From the chunky and XXL version to the skin-tight model, here’s my selection of the trendiest cable knit sweaters of the season (my favorite is the Topshop one, what’s yours?) Continue reading

10 Things I Liked This Week

What’s happening in L.A.X.


I do have a special relationship with L.A.X.. My husband and I met on a flight between Paris and L.A.X. (true story).  We basically had our first date here, and our first good-bye too. I remember walking with him, in the Tom Bradley terminal, reluctant to say good-bye, pushing to the maximum the moment I will have to go through security and give him a last kiss. Continue reading

Wedding Day

Mariage Robe Laure de Sagazan

Wargning: there’s a lot of love and cheesy stuff in this post!

On August 22nd 2015, Darrick and I said Yes to each other for the second time, but in France with all our friends and family (remember, our first wedding was super confidential in LA, and happened so quickly that nobody had the time to come from France, not even my parents).

So since it was like pressing the REPLAY button for us, we had no pressure and wanted the wedding to be a big party for our guests: no church, no boring speeches, but a cool and funny ceremony in the garden, with some good rock music, good food and floods of Champagne and rose wine. Add to this my beautiful, I should say wonderful dress from Parisian designer Laure de Sagazan, the new queen of wedding dresses if you ask me. A fun decoration by Nabie Dit Oui, a French wedding planer company which is specialized in cool and offbeat weddings.My witnesses, who had to deal with my stress, and handled everything for me this day. Karine, founder of Land Of Dreams, who decorated with her talented hands our arch. My best friend, who was supposed to be on the other side of the globe, who magically showed at the end of the ceremony. And my love, who was so, so handsome, and who I’d love to marry again, and again.

Too cheesy for you? Don’t worry, like all weddings, we had some bad bad moments (advice to the future brides: think twice before inviting your mother to your wedding, it can turn really, really bad…), but the pictures are only here to remember the good moments.

Photos: Emmy Martens

Photos Noir et Blanc: Karine Mancet


Invitation mariage Monkeychoo

Nabie Dit Oui Décoration Mariage originale

Laure de Sagazan robe mariée ChaplinJPG



Mariage Laura et Darrick Angelone

Décoration mariage Nabie Dit Oui Wedding planner

San Marina chaussures mariée



Détails Robe Chaplin Laure de Sagazan

décoration mariage Nabie Dit Oui



Robe mariée Laure de Sagazan boheme

mariage ceremonie laique originale rock

Cérémonie Laique mariage

Original wedding Laique ceremony

Laure de Sagazan wedding dress



cérémonie laique mariage originale

robe laure de sagazan mariage boheme

2laura 054

surprise mariage original


Mariage Rock Boheme

mariage rock original cérémonie laique

Mariage Laique boheme


2laura 084


mariage rock photo originale


Nabie Dit Oui décoration mariage