cellueblue ventouse anti-cellulite palper rouler Wanna shine in your bikini this Summer?
You should try Cellublue, a new gadget Made in France that reproduces at home the famous palpate-roll massage, the most effective and known technique to get ride of the orange peel effect, 5 minutes a day for 21 days!

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In My Purse

in-my-purse-beauty habits

I meant to make a post about my beauty essentials for a while.
Beauty essentials? This did not mean ANYTHING a few years ago, when a touch of lipstick was enough to look amazing. Now, I need a army of little tools (concealers, blush, unifier, foundation..) to literally “save face”.
I recently changed my whole beauty routine, and here are the big winners I carry everywhere with me:

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Back From France



More than 2 months I haven’t published anything. Bad, bad, bad. Since my last post, I went back home in France and took a holiday to Spain, and I promise I will share pics soon
(if you follow my Instagram, you already know everything about it).
In the mean time, here’s the outfit of the week, where the main accessory is something you can’t see, because it’s hidden in my shoes: my heels “Oh Les Jambes” (understand “Oh My Legs”), to slide in your boots or sneakers, which make you gain 4-5cm in a second!

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Coachella Vibes

Coachella style boho chic 2016
Last weekend, I was invited to the Coachella festival for the first time. I will talk about my Coachella experience very soon on the blog, but meanwhile, here’s the look I picked for the first day of the festival!

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Omy Design & Play

omy décoration enfants design

    I confess, I am the most snobbish person when it comes to kids toys, especially boy’s toys.          I find them most of the times ugly, noisy, and I would hate for my living room to look like a Toys R Us store. In a ideal world, my son would only have nice wood & antique toys, in neutral beige or light grey colors. Well, in a world where Jules would not ruin the hardwood floor by throwing them on the ground, with the endless energy of his 20 months, which happened hundreds of times!

All this to say that I had a real crush on OMY Design & Play, a genius kid activity MADE IN PARIS which goes beyond my wildest dreams: its aesthetic, creative, SILENT, cultural, design and super trendy! FINALLY a kid’s drawing you wanna hang in your living-room (let’s be honest please).

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