Hollywood Girl

January 29th, 2015


What’s fantastic in LA, is that you can dress super casual or very chic, nobody’s going to be chocked.

For instance, I would not wear this little black dress with over-the-knee boots in Paris.Too dressy, too sexy.

But here, even if it is 30 degrees more than in France, and I don’t need to wear boots, I feel perfectly OK with this outfit. That’s the beauty of living between two continents!

We shot this outfit in the house we got married one year ago, but I went from a very white look to a very black one :-).

Since the light of the sunset was against us, we shot a few pics after dark with the flash, and the result is…very Hollywoodish.


Alice Balas: The Couture Biker Jacket

January 28th, 2015

Alice Balas Perfectos Blouson Cuir Paris

It has been a while since I have written about a new designer.
But it was worth waiting, because I think you are all going to live this one.

OK, so we all know the biker jacket. A piece generally with a rock style, which has become a basic in our wardrobe. Last seasons, maybe we dared to wear it in different colours, such as red, white, powder pink, but the originality stopped there.

And then, Alice Balas (one of my friend again, I know, but what can I do if my friends are talented?), who is an Art Director, but very recently also a designer, has created a collection entirely dedicated to this famous leather jacket.

Being a Parisian who also lived in London, she was inspired by the effortless chic of the first one, the underground and boldness style of the second, to realise her very first collection.

Her “Perfectos” are feminized and customised, characterised by a combination of different leathers, colours, fabrics and details: golden sleeves, studded backs, fur collars…giving each model a sometimes rock, sometimes boho, sometimes classic style.

alice balas perfectos cuir

Alice Balas créatrice perfectos cuir rock

Each creation (69 in total) is unique, and has it’s own personalised label that is numbered, signed and dated by the designer.

Alice Balas Perfecto Cuir 7

Alice Balas Perfecto Cuir 5

Alice Balas Perfecto Cuir 2

Blouson Cuir original Paris Alice Balas

This first collection is available on demand, by contacting Alice directly here.

You can also follow her on her Instagram!
#alicebalasperfecto #londontoparis

In the Desert

January 23rd, 2015



Southern California provides tones of beautiful landscapes, outside of beaches and palm trees (see for instance my previous post about Big Bear).

Another example: between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, in the Coachella Valley, you will cross this desert landscape, where the only mark of civilisation are those giant windmills by hundreds.

This is where we decided to shoot the last look, an everyday casual-chic outfit which contrasts with this view, under a brutal sun (at 10am!), and a super bright light.

Shop this look at the end of the post :-)

SALES: 10 Must-Have for the Winter 2014-2015

January 19th, 2015


The sales are the first date I am underlining in my calendar, before my birthday, my lover’s birthday, or before I check if the 4th of July will fall on a Monday or Friday in order to have a long week-end.

My problem: I did way too much shopping after my pregnancy, and, even if I keep persuading myself that I need to do so for my blog (wouldn’t it be boring if I was wearing the same jacket TWICE?), I am, for the first time, trying to stay away from the sales. Continue…

Big Bear

January 17th, 2015


Being at the beach one day, and go skiing in tee-shirt the day after, with a gorgeous view on a lake…only California provides this kind of experience!

If you follow my Instagram, you know that we just spent a few days in Big Bear, a ski resort located two hours away from Los Angeles! Continue…

H&M for Coachella festival

January 17th, 2015


The Coachella annual festival is the rendez-vous of music aficionados, but not only.
It also has been invaded by fashionistas for a few years, and we have noticed that the hashtag #coachella shows more pictures of boho outfits than music performances.

H&M, who is a partner of the festival, understood this and decided to ride the wave, creating a fashion line dedicated to Coachella.

The pictures have not been revealed yet, but we already know that the collection will embody the spirit of the festival: bohemian, sensual and casual.

Fringes, lace, tie dye, mini-shorts and large pants…to discover starting March 26th!


January 14th, 2015


Here we are, back in California!
As soon as we arrived, we went to Palm Springs, in the Coachella Valley, to attend the Palm Springs Film Festival (do you remember my post from January 14thin the Coachella desert?)
I choose a 100% French outfit (living abroad awakes my patriotism), with this cute navy blue Sandro dress, which I contrasted with rock boots, and a XXL hat.
Chic, confortable, feminine but not cheesy.

Most of the article I am wearing are currently on sales, the links to shop them are at the end of this post ☞ Continue…


January 8th, 2015


This is the last outfit we shot in Paris, before we took our plane to Los Angeles.. It was soooo cold and grey, I was freezing! I won’t regret the winter weather in Paris, for sure :-).

I picked, for this last outfit, an urban and rock outfit, wearing my IRO leather jacket (love it so much, but definitely NOT the thing you want to wear in January in Paris),

The highlight of this look is my new The Kooples white fluffy jumper. I love to wear white color in winter, it si so chic and brightens any outfit. The bonus of this one; his leather details on the shoulders, which give a rock touch.


Venice Beach

January 6th, 2015

Sunset Venice Beach Los Angeles Palm Trees

I was looking back at my blog recently, and noticed I did not post a lot about Los Angeles the past months.

Of course it can be explained by the fact that I moved back to France to have my baby boy in May 2014.

But tomorrow, I am going back to California, which was the occasion for me to go through some pictures I took last year, especially pictures about my favorite district in Los Angeles: Venice Beach.

Visit this neighborhood in images: Continue…