6 Must-See Places in Ibiza

Lobster-Paella-Juan-y-Andrea-Formentera Ibiza-vieille-ville-vue Formentera-2016 Ibiza-old-city-street Formentera-beautiful-beach Benirras-beach-Ibiza

It almost hurts to look at these pictures, almost 2 months after our trip to Ibiza. Not that we don’t have the sun, the beach and the parties here in LA, but Ibiza has some extraordinary landscapes. Thanks to a lot of friends who shared their favorite spots with us, we got to explore the entire island on our little scooter (the best way to do it). Forget about the clubs, the best part of Ibiza is below.

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Los Angeles French Fashion Blogger

This week: a long pleated boho dress (by Maje), a red-orange monochrome Summery outfit, but overall, a new haircut! My hair hasn’t be that short in 20 years, it took me weeks to decide if I was ready or not, and almost everyone around me tried to dissuade me from doing it…so what do you think?

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This photoshoot must be my favorite so far, because it started as a regular photoshoot for the blog
(a casual Summer outfit with a blue linen shirt and vintage denim shorts), but at the end of the day we shot gorgeous mother and son pictures on this little beach in Malibu
(I won’t disclose the address, it’s such a cute and peaceful beach, I keep it for myself! 😛 ).

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Bouzu japonese tapas restaurant Barcelona Barrio Gotico Barcelona Flax and Kale Spanish healthy restaurant vegan Rooftop with pool Barcelona Yurbban Hotel web Flax and Kale trendy restaurant Barcelona

When it comes to visit Barcelona, there are the inescapable touristic spots such as Las Ramblas, el Barrio Gotico, el Park Guell (worth seeing, don’t get me wrong)…but the Spanish city is full of new cool and modern spots to explore. We tried 4 of them during our trip to Spain last month:

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cellueblue ventouse anti-cellulite palper rouler

Wanna look smoking hot in your bikini this Summer?
You should try Cellublue, a new gadget Made in France that reproduces at home the famous palpate-roll massage, the most effective and known technique to get ride of the orange peel effect, 5 minutes a day for 21 days!

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In My Purse

in-my-purse-beauty habits

I meant to make a post about my beauty essentials for a while.
Beauty essentials? This did not mean ANYTHING a few years ago, when a touch of lipstick was enough to look amazing. Now, I need a army of little tools (concealers, blush, unifier, foundation..) to literally “save face”.
I recently changed my whole beauty routine, and here are the big winners I carry everywhere with me:

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