5 Styles, 5 Mid-Season Jackets for Baby Boys

MID-SEASON-JACKETS-FOR-BABY-BOY 1. 64 ; 2. H&M (similaire ici) ; 3. Petit Bateau ; 4. Zara ; 5. Kiabi

I don’t want to taunt anybody, but I gotta confess that when I was in California, I did not need to buy a jacket for Jules: a jumpsuit, a hat to protect him from the sun, and done deal!

But since I came back to France, with this Winter which seems like it will never end, I had to go for a little shopping to warm my baby up.

It’s true, I am not a pro concerning baby fashion brands yet. They grow up so fast, I’d rather buy few and renew often then spending time looking for something original that he will wear twice. So I stick to brands I know and love, like Petit Bateau, Kiabi, H&M…who may be mainstream but also have super cute designs. Oh, and also, since I was born and raised in the Bask Country, I can’t help dressing him with the local brand 64, which does adorable sporty and casual stuff for kids.

Here’s my selection of 5 jackets, with 5 different styles, I spotted (and sometimes bought 🙂 )

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