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When it comes to swimwear, I am more of a one piece swimsuit gal. I love its classy look and the fact that I can wear it after the beach like a bodysuit, with denim shorts, and feel dressed. But my dilemma is that I never find the right design for a reasonable price.

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5 reasons to use Kissbobo’s Makeup Silicone Sponge

kissbobo-silicone-sponge You might not be aware of it, but this tiny silicone sponge is shaking up the beauty sphere. Wondering why? Cosmetic companies and makeup artists have been telling us for years to apply our skincare and makeup with brushes or foam sponges. It’s supposed to give your foundation a flawless finish, make it look more even and keep all the oils and bacteria from your fingers from clogging your pores. This is assuming that you clean your brush/sponge regularly and let it dry completely before you reuse it. Let’s face it, I barely have time to apply my makeup (and I am a little lazy), so this is too much of a commitment for me.
Then I had the opportunity to try the Kissbobo Silicone Makeup Sponge, and after 2 weeks of using it, here are 5 reasons why you should swap out your fingers/foam sponge/brush for it: 

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We’re getting more and more personal on the blog this week! After this post, in which I shared my hesitation about trying fillers (still thinking about it!), I would like to discuss a topic that is taboo for a lot of women: plastic surgery.

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Parfaire Medical Aesthetics


I am not going to lie to you: since I had my kid almost 3 years ago my skin changed, and not in a good way. Bye bye plumped and glowing skin from my 20’s, and welcome dark circles, dull complexion, and fine lines. Oh, and let’s not forget about the lion’s wrinkle, the one that automatically appears when you become a mother, because you won’t stop frowning and worrying about them from the moment they’re born until…well you just won’t stop !

I thought of trying fillers, it’s true….especially since I moved to Los Angeles, where injections are way more common on young women (yes, I am still considering myself as young at 32…am I right ?) than in Europe (I am French).  But before I jump into it, one of my blogger friends recommended a non-invasive treatment, dispensed at Parfaire Aesthetics in Pasadena : the Silk Peel Facial.

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10 Tropical Pants to shop now


What do you think of the tropical trend? I am usually not a big fan of colorful outfits, but the tropical print has these holiday vibes that instantly put me in a good mood. Plus it’s kind of kitsch, retro and super feminine! You can find all kinds of tropical fashion items this season: off the shoulder tops, dresses, blouses…but my favourite are culottes or jumpsuits. I’ve listed below my 10 favorite tropical pieces to shop for the summer:

5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts


It’s Tuesday, 5 days before Mother’s Day,  you have a super busy week of work, and you still haven’t found a gift for your mother…I am in the same situation, except that my mother lives on another continent and I won’t see her before next month, which gives me more time 😜.  Anyway, when you must shop fast and efficient, keep in mind that all women love the following gifts: fragrances (when well chosen), makeup, accessories. Fashion is great too, but hey, we just said that we were in a rush and buying fashion items require a little research and anticipation.

I’ve listed for you 5 gifts that you can shop (or e-shop) easily to spoil your mother right on time.

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Kick-Flare Jeans


The only jeans that you need for the Spring 2017 are kick-flare jeans (understand flare jeans that are cropped above the ankle). Way more comfortable than skinny jeans (who wants to sweat in tight jeans in the Summer?), and more flattering than our beloved boyfriend jeans (hated by our boyfriends, by the way), kick-flare jeans are the perfect compromise for a cool and distressed style.  I picked a high-waisted and light blue model with frayed hem (very Jane Birkin-esque).