WorkOut Essentials: My BeautiFIT™ Wireless Sports Bra

The-BeautiFIT-Wireless-Sport-Bra It’s a fact: living in Los Angeles, your workout gear counts as an actual outfit. I used to make fun of these women who were living in their leggings and sports bra, and then, like most Angelenos, I got used to it, and slowly joined the club. I don’t know what it is about Los Angeles that makes you want to live healthier, be comfortable, feel better in your clothes…but I learnt to embrace it.

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los angeles immigrant fashion line

It took me a few years to appreciate LA, mostly because of the sun EVERY DAY (I am kind of a coat and boots girl), the gluten-free stuff, the no-smoking rules and the terrible lack of cute little coffees. So, nothing really serious, as you can see. However, there’s one thing that I’ve always appreciated: being part of a huge cosmopolitan community. A city with so many different colors, languages, cultures…that makes every neighborhood different and unique. Where I can speak with my broken english, but hey, it’s not a big deal, because we’ve all been new to the city at one point.

I can only support this new fashion line LA IMMIGRANT, to claim how proud I am to be part of the LA community, as a French-Italian (and who knows what else) girl. Although it’s a liiiiiittle Anti-Trump, it’s above all a love declaration to the city of Angels. Get your own, LA lovers!

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Anja Paris

malibu fashion blogger

When it comes to swimwear, I am more of a one piece swimsuit gal. I love its classy look and the fact that I can wear it after the beach like a bodysuit, with denim shorts, and feel dressed. But my dilemma is that I never find the right design for a reasonable price.

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Basque Country


Last pictures taken a few weeks ago in the Basque Country in the South of France, distinguishable by its charming red and white houses…yep, I grew up in one of these!

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Ninon Retro


Posing in lingerie on the most beautiful and hidden Parisian rooftop…challenge accepted! Wearing nothing but this cute lace ensemble by my designer friend Ninon Retro. This oversize and flowy top is your best ally for the Summer (with denim shorts, high-waisted jeans or with the matching panties) and is now on sale on her eshop 😘 !

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Lisbon’s Rooftop


Hey guys! I’ve been taking a little blog/social media break during my trip to Lisbon with the hubby, however I wanted to show you this cute front-tie top from Shein that I packed and wore on several occasions, and that is under $10 right now! These pictures were shot on the rooftop of the fun artsy hotel we were staying in, Lisbon Short Stay. I will prepare a post about my fav spots to go in Lisbon soon!

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