Love, Peace and Then Happiness


An oversized cashmere cardigan is a woman’s best friend during Spring time. Throw it over any outfit (a floral dress, a camisole with jeans), wear it open and you will instantly look effortlessly chic. Add some details, such as the beautiful flower embroidery on this model from Love, Peace and then Happiness, and it gives a unique stylish twist to your outfit. Good news: there’s a code to get 25% off your order from Love, Peace and Happiness at the end of this post!

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Pardon My French


Bonjour! Last week I finally had coffee with my friend Jennifer, who is the designer of Jenni Jane (remember, I introduced you to her cool Parisian-Californian handbags brand last year). It’s always such a struggle for us to gather, because we live on two different sides of LA, which basically means two different planets! She showed me the new Jenni Jane collection: timeless and effortless chic leather bags, coming with fun and colorful pin-back buttons that you can change according to your mood. When I saw this model with a “Pardon My French” pin, I had to steal it for a few pictures!

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Parisian Vibes


Most of the Parisian people who live in Los Angeles will tell you this: when we are homesick, the Figaro Bistrot in Los Feliz is THE café-boulangerie where we meet to get our French fix. The little patio on the sidewalk (you rarely see this in LA), the windows with vintage-inspired French inscriptions, the round tables and the rattan chairs, the croissant and éclair au café…everything is made to make you feel like you’re back home. And the theme of this week’s look goes perfectly with the decor: Parisian.

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Chloé Girl


This intense moment of joy, when the mailman hands you a Chloé parcel on a Saturday morning (while you are hangover, taking care of your kid who has no clue that you slept 2 hours, and just plan to stay on the couch and pop ibuprofen to make it through the day).  At this magic moment, you forget about your headache (fashion is best the medicine ever!), run to the kitchen to grab the first knife that you find, to open the parcel…and fall in love immediately with this backpack, the new version of the iconic “Faye” model from Chloé! I am wearing it with this Maje long printed dress that I bought a few years ago but still love to wear!

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Ask anybody: I am known for traveling with way more stuff than I need. But for my trip to Tulum, I went left and only brought 2 pair of shorts, swimsuits (counting as tops too), one dress and this super cute twisted blouse from storets. So this is basically the outfit I’ve been living in for a week!

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Tulum – Albertine Swim


I finally took the time to sort out my pictures from my trip to Tulum, Mexico. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was there on holidays at the end of January (I’ve posted dozens of pictures of white sand beaches and transparent water that you must have hated me for ;-). I’ll talk more about Tulum in my next post (coming ASAP), but right now I wanted to introduce you to Albertine Swim, a French swimwear designer that I’ve always loved for its original, versatile and very fashionable line, to wear at the beach or to style with your Summer shorts, dresses or skirts. This particular one-piece is currently on sale, go check our their eshop!

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This week, I am styling this Sandro trench coat that I’ve worn for years a little differently: I’ve added a belt at the waist to make the look more powerful, chic and feminine.

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Layering Stripes

Lo and Sons Camera Bag

One of my favorite fashion trends this Winter is certainly the fitted pullover, inspired by the  70’s. It’s so feminine and easy-to-wear, especially here in LA where we don’t really need warm and thick sweaters.

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Red Alert

Sandro-Wrap-Midi Skirt

Some pieces of your wardrobe are timeless, and even though you won’t wear it for weeks, months, sometimes years, there will come a time when you will be happy that you kept it. That’s how I feel about this red draped blouse from The Kooples.

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