Holiday Gifts Guide 2016


There’s a silver lining in living so far from your friends and family: you never have to worry about Christmas and holiday gifts, because nobody comes to see you! Let me quote my sister, who found the ideal solution to this logistical problem last week when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas: “buy yourself something and pretend it’s from me, I’ll do the exact same, and let’s call it a day”! But everybody does not have a cool sister like mine, so if you’re still having nightmares about your holiday gifts, follow my guide: fashion, beauty, tech, decoration accessories to spoil your loved ones.

1. Beanie Chinti and Parker on Farfetch ; 2. Watch Daniel Wellington ; 3. Iphone case: Iphoria ; Lipstick: By Terry ; Plant: Gilt ; Pillow: Legacy at Horchow ; Headphones Mira Mikati ; Notebook: Nordstrom; Bracelet: Khol’s ; Glitter socks: Topshop; Bag: Chloé; Scarf: Isabel Marant ; Keychain: Stella Mc Cartney; Robe: Gilt ; Candle: By Redo

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