Pour La Victoire


How often do you find heels in which you can walk more than 5min without silently suffering and wishing that you could just throw them in the first garbage bin? Since I became a mother and that I traded my “cute girl” outfits for everything that’s “COMFY” and “PRACTICAL” (two words that go hand in hand with maternity), I became very, very demanding when it comes to heels.

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Mini and Moi at La Chouquette


Last week I took Jules to La Chouquette, a new French pastry that opened on Melrose. Chouquettes and I share a real love story, it’s the kind of pastry that brings me back to my childhood: they look like mini-puffs, they can be filled with cream or just plain, but in both case they are the most delicious treat to eat for breakfast or for a snack, and they feel so light that I could eat dozens! Jules was wearing his new sweater from Mini and Moi, a mini-collection  sweaters with adorable pointy hoodies created by my friend Melanie. Not only do they look so cute, but the fabric’s incredibly soft, and they’re made in LA! 

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Nothing new


I have a tendency to forget about my clothes after wearing them for one season…I know it’s bad, really bad, and that’s why I recently took everything out of my closet to sort it out (I applied this very useful method from one of my clients!). Unsurprisingly, I “re-discovered” items of my wardrobe that I had forgotten about while they were only from last Summer (SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!), like this deep-V neck dress from Anine Bing, or my oversized Iro sweater.

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Kick-Flare Jeans


The only jeans that you need for the Spring 2017 are kick-flare jeans (understand flare jeans that are cropped above the ankle). Way more comfortable than skinny jeans (who wants to sweat in tight jeans in the Summer?), and more flattering than our beloved boyfriend jeans (hated by our boyfriends, by the way), kick-flare jeans are the perfect compromise for a cool and distressed style.  I picked a high-waisted and light blue model with frayed hem (very Jane Birkin-esque).


Love, Peace and Then Happiness


An oversized cashmere cardigan is a woman’s best friend during Spring time. Throw it over any outfit (a floral dress, a camisole with jeans), wear it open and you will instantly look effortlessly chic. Add some details, such as the beautiful flower embroidery on this model from Love, Peace and then Happiness, and it gives a unique stylish twist to your outfit. Good news: there’s a code to get 25% off your order from Love, Peace and Happiness at the end of this post!

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Pardon My French


Bonjour! Last week I finally had coffee with my friend Jennifer, who is the designer of Jenni Jane (remember, I introduced you to her cool Parisian-Californian handbags brand last year). It’s always such a struggle for us to gather, because we live on two different sides of LA, which basically means two different planets! She showed me the new Jenni Jane collection: timeless and effortless chic leather bags, coming with fun and colorful pin-back buttons that you can change according to your mood. When I saw this model with a “Pardon My French” pin, I had to steal it for a few pictures!

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Parisian Vibes


Most of the Parisian people who live in Los Angeles will tell you this: when we are homesick, the Figaro Bistrot in Los Feliz is THE café-boulangerie where we meet to get our French fix. The little patio on the sidewalk (you rarely see this in LA), the windows with vintage-inspired French inscriptions, the round tables and the rattan chairs, the croissant and éclair au café…everything is made to make you feel like you’re back home. And the theme of this week’s look goes perfectly with the decor: Parisian.

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Modern Pink

tendance mode rose été

This Summer again, we will be wearing pink. Not any kind of pink: pale, soft, pastel or antique pink are taking over the fashion collections. But this season’s pink is not romantic or boho, like we used to wear it in the past. This year, we will wear pink on modern, cutting-edge pieces, we will break the “cute little girl” image with bold associations and oversized volumes. Another way to wear pink this season is top wear it on masculine, boyish garments to contrast with the girly colour. Or, if you’re afraid to look like a barbie, just wear it on accessories (and good news, there’s tones of pink mules, loafers and pumps this season!)

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The Trench Coat


I am reading everywhere that the Trench Coat is making his comeback…my only question is “when was it ever old-fashioned”? If you ask me there’s nothing more basic, timeless and safe than a trench coat. You might not wear it every day, you might buy other coats that are more trendy (hello bomber jackets or oversize 90’s denim jackets!), but you can be sure that every time you’ll wear it you’ll look elegant and effortless chic. I own a few trench coats in different colours and designs (I posted this outfit with a blue one recently), but for Spring time I love to wear a white or creme model, that I rarely tie to break the strict style of the coat and makes it look more ‘cool’.
I’ve listed below 10 white trench coats I think you should invest in the Spring 2017!