10 Gift Ideas for HIM

Urban Outfitters Valentine's Day Treat Him Right

It’s a general and agreed statement that Valentine’s day is just a cheesy commercial invention and has nothing to do with love.

However, who has not been happy to receive a bouquet, a card, or the skirt you’ve been pointing out to your man for a month, on February 14th?

And, since we are supposed to “exchange” gifts on this day, it is time to think about shopping for the Man in your life. I have been scratching my head looking for gifts which would be the equivalent of what I would love to receive.

And now that I am highly experienced in couple gifts (Christmas, birthday, wedding anniversary, birth of our son…), I have realised that my man’s smile is not proportional to the size (or the cost) of his gift (unlike ME). I think men just don’t care about this kind of stuff, so it’s not worthy freaking out trying to guess what they secretly desire.

So now, I rely on Urban Outfitters, and its cool category “TREAT HIM RIGHT“, where you can find fun and original ides of tech gadgets, fashion, decoration and accessories.

My 10 favorite Valentine’s day gift ideas for him :

Also, I found the best Valentine’s day card!

Funny cart Valentine's day


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