If I could get married 10 times…

Laure de Sagazan robe de mariée romantique jupe

I am preparing my wedding n°2 (same husband, different continent : the advantage of being married to an American is that you can have 2 parties, one in each country ☺), and even if I picked my dress a long time ago, I can’t help going through wedding dress websites.

THE thing to avoid, I know it. Especially when, like me, you don’t have ONE dress of your dream, but 10 models which I listed below. I wish I had Elizabeth Taylor’s life to wear them all one day!

As you can see, my type of wedding dress is loose, romantique and with a twist of retro.

The pro of the wedding dress, according to me, is French creator Laure de Sagazan. That’s why she is designing my dress, but I did not put it in this list, I am trying to keep it a secret till the big day.

But I also fell in love with other models, from the Rolls Royce of the wedding dress Delphine Manivet to the rock style of Rime Arodaky.

The dress with long sleeves and a low back from Laure de Sagazan

robe-mariee dos nu-lauredesagazan-robe-palma


The Ensemble Top + Skirt from Delphine Manivet



The transparent lace dress from Rime Arodaky



The Top from Laure de Sagazan



The Plunging Neckline from Delphine Manivet

Delphine Manivet wedding dress 2015


The Loos Dress from Rime Arodaky



The Low Back from Laure de Sagazan (again)


The Loose and Romantic Dress from Elise Hameau

Elise Hameau robe de mariée fluide

The Rock Attitude from Rime Arodaky


The Ensemble Top + Skirt from Elise Hameau


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