10 Straw Bags for the Summer (because YES you NEED one)

why you need a straw bag this summer

Unless you haven’t looked at Instagram in the past 3 months, you must have noticed that straw/raffia bags have invaded your feed. Here’s 3 reasons why you should get one:

  • It remind us of Jane Birkin’s style in the 70’s (not the worst reference right?).
  • There are so many options! After the beach straw bag (generally a large tote bag that was reserved for your summer holidays)….discover the city straw bag! Smaller models that come in different designs with fun accessories such as pompons, colors, embroideries…
  • It’s gives a cute little summery touch to any outfit and looks edgy when it completes a city outfit (with a blazer, straight pants, denim and vintage shirt….)

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