20 Little Black Dresses for Holiday Parties

little black dress evening party

Your mother, (and incidentally Coco Chanel, since 1926), has been repeating you over and over, since your first date, that the Little Black Dress is your best friend.

The color black makes you look thinner, (which is a MAJOR issue during the Christmas holidays); the little black dress matches everything, (even this gold leather jacket you bought on sale but never knew with what to wear it), and allows you to go nuts with your accessories.

Cherry on top, most of the designers know launching Evening Collections (just an excuse to make us buy more, but who cares?), mostly dedicated to the Little Black Dress, but twisted and modernized to match the current trends.

This is my selection of 20 Little Black Dresses to inspire you for your New Year’s Eve Parties:

The Little Black Dress with Lace Yokes

The Little Black Dress Strapless

The Little Black Dress with Skater Cut

The Little Black Dress with long sleeves

The Long Black Dress

Je vous embrasse

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