3 Original Baby Gifts

Birth gifts are difficult for everybody: if you are not a parent yet, you may have no clue what new parents might need (a bottle of vodka? tranquillisers?), and if you are, you don’t think “cute” anymore, but “useful”, that’s why you think it’s better to give a pack of 50 wipes than a nice little jacket.

I might be very new in the motherhood game, but I wanted to share with you 3 gifts I received which I really appreciated:

1. The Treasure Box

To tell the truth, it was my gift to Jules, but my sister, who has been my guide during this whole new maternity thing, told me about it. She knows I am a mess, and am keeping everything. We have BAGS full of champagne corks, receipts, pictures…of trips and special moments, and we never take the time to organise it.

This little box is ideal to keep its first maternity bracelet, its first socks, teeths…every little keepsake that means something to you.


For Bohos : a customised Dreamcatcher personnalisé

I already told you about the precious handmade Dreamcatchers of Land Of Dreams, and the designer now offers to embroider the name of your baby on it.

dreamcatcher cadeau de naissance

It’s a real cute decoration element in a baby’s room, and who knows, if it works and really catches bad dreams, the parents will never thank you enough for being able to sleep 8h straight.

3. For the Geeks : The Bitcoin

I am pretty sure nobody knows this one. Don’t worry, it’s normal, only my supergeek man, who owns more tech gadgets than I have shoes, could think of this as a birth gift.

bitcoin monnaie électronique

So what’s a bitcoin? It’s a cryptocurrency, which belongs to no bank or country, and fluctuates in value like any currency. Its value has been increasing remarkably since its creation, and since it’s an open source currency, it’s the perfect modern saving account to setup for your kid?

Which one do you prefer?

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