3 Original Wedding Outfits


Did you count how many weddings you are invited to this Summer? Personally, three (and mine does not count).
Three occasions to spend hours shopping, trying on dozens of dresses to find the one which will make the difference.

What if instead, we boycotted the so classic and cliché dress, and try something new and really original? Here are 3 outfits I would trade my little black dress for:

Palazzo Pants: with its high waist, its large and fluid seventies cut, the Palazzo Pants worn with the right accessories (high heels, crop top), will give allure and chic to your style. This Mango pink pleated model has it all to make you the perfect stylish guest.

A maxi-skirt in technical knit: since the beginning of Spring, I have been bombing the blog with pictures of this Maje skirt in my “Garden Party outfit for instance“, which was perfect for a wedding. I l love the technical knit because it’s a sporty fabric with an incredible couture style. If you are really bold, you can also try this sculptural maxi-skirt in technical knit. Downside: if someone else shows up to the party dresses like you, it really sucks…Upside: YES, you will wear it in other circumstances! I saw a girl wearing it with Stan Smith in Paris, it was really cool.

Black jumpsuits, with an open backI am sure you already know that jumpsuits are the new dress, when it comes to wedding outfits. Pick a model with sophisticated details: an open back, lace embroideries…

I think my favorite are still the Palazzo pants, what about you?

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