4 LA Fashion Bloggers To Follow


If you’re into the blogger sphere, you must know these super famous LA based fashion blogs: Peace Love Shea, Fashion Toast and Sincerely Jules… Well, we’re not talking about them today.

Those girls embody the LA style like the world imagines it: boho, sexy or ultra-feminine, but LA-fashion is not only about showing legs under mini denim shorts, wearing sky-high heels and lace crop tops (no, it’s not Coachella every day).
New bloggers are now bringing a more urban and edgy style, with an eye on how to dress in the city of Angels.

1. Courtney Trop, founder of Always Judging


One of the first fashion bloggers I spotted when I moved to Los Angeles.
I love her minimal styles, which reminds me a lot of…Parisian girls: sober, pure, often wearing black or white, she got it all right if you ask me. I don’t know how she wears so many layers in LA (I often see her in coats, long sleeves, jeans and boots), but she’s my hope that you can still dress in this city!

Oh, and Courtney recently added a “music” category where she shares really cool playlists.

Instagram: @alwaysjudging

2. Anine Bing, founder of Anine’s World


You might know the former model Anine Bing, but have you heard of her blog and her new eponymous fashion line? (if not, check this post I made about her a few months ago).

Her style is pure, rock, a little “chic négligé” like we say in France. She is rocking the skinny jeans with a loose tee-shirt, one of my go-to styles, like no one else! From fashion, music to interior design, her pictures are very inspirational.

Oh, did I mention that she is the mother of two adorable kids that she features sometimes on her blog?

Instagram: @aninebing

3. Rima Vaidila, founder of Fire on the Head


I fell in love with the casual and minimal outfits of this denim-obsessed blogger, who is also a stylist and a model in Los Angeles. The perfect inspiration for your every day style in California.

Instagram: @rima_rama

4. Brittany, founder of Thrifts and Threads


I discovered Brittany’s blog this week, and it was a real crush!

First, she is a mom, and a little obsessed with her little girl, which I can relate to…Yes, when you become a mother, it is unavoidable, you have more affinity with other moms!

Second, I’ve been going through her blog these past few days, and so far I wanna say that her styles are flawless.

Third, conversely to most bloggers, what she is wearing is affordable, because she is a fan of vintage and thrift shops, and for the new stuff: Asos, H&M, Nasty Gal…

Instagram: @thriftsandthreads

Which one is your favorite? Would you suggest other bloggers from Los Angeles?

Have a nice Sunday babes ♥


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  1. Coup de cœur pour Brittany stylée, classe sans tombé dans le too much fashion .
    J’adore ta façon de les décrire toutes , cette manière que tu as de” piqué” notre curiosité, je trouve parfois que les rédac dans les grands magazines de modes sont ennuyeuses et ne m’ont jamais donné envie d’aller très loin dans la découverte de l’univers mode avec un grand M, bref Laura où l’art de vous réconcilié avec cette univers souvent pétrie d’égo! Quel classe!!

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