5 FFF (Fashion Frenchies to Follow)

French Fashion blogger Leeloo Kenza Margaux Lonnberg Deedee Make my Lemonade

Ok SO California is great for the sunny weather, the palm trees, Malibu, the healthy life, Yoga…but once you are tan, zen, and in good shape, when it comes to Fashion, the choice is limited compared to Paris, and the girls have much less imagination.

It looks like leggings are the universal go-to outfit : leggings for breakfast, leggings for working out, then why not keeping the leggings on for the afternoon with a loose tee-shirt, and hey tonight let’s wear leggings with a nice tunique and heels!

So to get inspired and stay on touch with Paris, I follow 5 amazing French Fashion bloggers, who I love for their personalities, different styles and creativity.

This is my selection of 5 girls which success should cross the Atlantic.

The more edgy: The Killing Moon Confused

Margaux Lonnberg The Killing Moon confused french fashion blog

Without hesitation, Margaux Lonnberg’s blog is the most surprising and inspirational. Margaux, (who I already talked about here), is also a multi-talented artist, model, dj, model, and designer of her eponymous brand which I wear all the time.

On “The Killing Moon Confused”, she posts spontaneous, on the spot pictures of her and her friends, in a very Parisian and hipster atmosphere. Most pictures are “life moments” clichés, of her, always smoking a cigarette, on the terrace of a Parisian café, a few bottles of wine on the table, in the very trendy district “Le Marais”….it reminds me so much of my life in Paris! She also recently added lots of soundcloud music mixes.

The “je ne sais quoi”? The Killing Moon Confused is a “real life” and very arty blog, which does not care about conventions, Margaux only posts what touches her.

Her style? Rock, bohemian, a little destroyed, with a touch of boyish and always edgy.

If Margaux was a brand? Alexander Wang.


The more aesthetic: Le Dressing de Leeloo

Dressing de Leeloo French fashion blog Paris

Leeloo’s blog is a little jewel. Her outfits are always adorable (even though a little too preppy for me), but she never makes any “faux pas”, and I love the diversity of her choices in the brands she features.

Overall, she gives a lot of attention to the quality of her pictures. When she shoots a new look, she chooses a beautiful location (a parc, a place in Paris, a beach, a port…) and, in addition to the pictures of her, she captures beautiful details of the location. She even picks decors which match her outfits, this is professionalism!

The “je ne sais quoi”? Leeloo has a real poetic and dreamy universe.

Her style? Wise and Preppy, Leeloo loves bows, cute prints, girl stuff!

If Leeloo was a brand? Claudie Pierlot.


The more complete : La revue de Kenza

La revue de Kenza Sadoun French Fashion blog Paris

She is one of the most famous blogger in France, and already known on the East Coast of America, and there is a reason for this.

Kenza embodies perfectly the Parisian Touch, mixing beautiful basics with a touch of craziness. She seduced French Fashionistas with her “girl next door” attitude, always smiling, and providing good advice and sharing her life: fashion, beauty, food, parties, travels…

The “je ne sais quoi”? Kenza collaborates a lot with famous fashion brands, organizes competitions on her blog for her followers, and shares ALL HER TIPS. She is like your virtual best friend!

Her style? Sparkling, colored, very varied, Kenza dares to combine flashy colors, different prints, always with chic and elegance.

If Kenza was a brand? Urban Outfitters, for the diversity of their outfits, from the ethnic-chic dress to the jeans jumpsuit, Kenza could create 100 amazing looks!


The most Resourceful: Make My Lemonade

make my lemonade french blog

A very cool, funny, dynamic blog, directed by the pretty Lisa Gachet, specialist in Do It Yourself, this is a new and original concept!

Lisa posts very nice, varied and creative looks (she can mix an H&M tee-shirt with a Chanel purse), but beyond this, she teaches you how to use your 10 fingers and create your own bag, customized shoes, or even home decorations. A girl who has more than one trick in her bag :-).

The “Je ne sais quoi”? Her new looks presented in animated GIFs are so original and playful.

Her style? Full of colors, happy, funny creative, with of course a touch of DIY each time.

If Lisa was a brand? She would be her own brand of customization of accessories.


The funniest: Deedee Paris

Deedee Paris french fashion blog

The first time I read the FAQ category of her blog, I was laughing out loud. It was so honest, full of self-derision and a little sarcastic. This is a girl I would get along with! Her blog, also very thorough, a Parisian tips’ goldmine and her funny way of writing will put you in a good mood!

The “Je ne sais quoi”? Deedee published a Parisian Guide where she shares, according to the season of the year, her favorite and unusual locations in Paris: restaurants, bars, shops, good deals… It is called “5 seasons in Paris”.

Her style? PARISIAN from head to toe, her looks are always very classy, mixing basics with the trend of the moment.

If Deedee was a brand? She would be a Parisian Concept Store like Colette or Merci, with fashion, beauty, furnitures, and a very good restaurant!


Next time, because I don’t want to be accused of too much patriotism, I will feature my 5 favorite West Coast bloggers!

Bonne journée (=have a nice day)

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