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From left to right: 1. Saint-Laurent coat ; 2. Carven coat ; 3. Céline coat ; 4. Marni coat : 5. Isabel Marant coat

I am a big fan of Vestiaire Collective, an eshop where you can buy and sell luxury pre-owned fashion . I can spend hours on the website, it’s a real addiction, especially because they have new stuff EVERY DAY. Anyway, last week, I was looking at their coat selection. I am a little tired of buying cheap coats, and then throwing them at the end of the Winter because they are shredded, that the buttons fall off or the fabric is pilling. I am sure you experienced it too. A coat is a strong piece of our wardrobe, the first one that people will see, and therefore it deserves a certain budget.

And on Vestiaire Collective, I found 5 amazing, timeless, chic coats from designers I could not afford usually, with great discounts (up to 70%!). So, even if, I agree, we are still far from the prices of Zara…isn’t it worth it? Because think about it: 1 Zara coat + 1 Zara coat + 1 Zara coat each season…= a designer coat you will wear for years!

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