One Piece


I am planning to spend the Summer in the South of France, and there I only need denim shorts and a one piece swimsuit (which I wear at the beach or as a bodysuit at night).

Looking for the perfect piece on the web, I’ve been agreeably surprised by some designers/brands: Maje launched an amazing bronze model in Lurex (must look good on my skin 🙂 ), the French designer Albertine Swim (if you don’t know her, go on her eshop NOW, she is the Queen of swimsuits to me) made me melt with her embroidered Camarat model, or Sahara Ray (who I met a year ago during a shooting with Sean Murphy) launched her own super sexy line of swimsuits, for those who dare.

Which one will you fall for?

En haut, de gauche à droite: Albertine Swim (similaire de la même marque ici) ; Maje ; Topshop : Asos
En bas, de gauche à droite: Roxy (similaire de la même marque ici) ; Brazilian Bikini ; Topshop ; Sahara Ray Swim.



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