Alfa-K Paris: Genius on the tip of your fingers

Alfa-K Keratine Paris Nail Stickers Nailart Manucure

For those who are like me, are sub-gifted with Nail Polish, allergic to manicure, but love to spice the look of their nails, I found a playful, easy and even arty solution: Alfa-K Paris.

Nail patches that you apply alone, directly on your nails, with funny and original patterns imagined by a French illustrator.

Alfa-K Keratine Paris Nail Stickers Nailart Manucure

To tell you the truth, I think that the only time I took care of my nails was for my wedding, it’s pretty lame of me I admit it. So the universe of Nail Art is an unknown territory for me. But when I heard about this genius idea, I could not resist a look.

Alfa-K, created by the artist Anne-Claire Gambet, comes from the alpha-keratine that forms the claws of eagles, tigers and wolves. First good point of the brand, just reading the name you learnt something!

Nail stickers?
Alfa-K creates nail stickers with unique design, that you place on your nail easily, applied in a few seconds, without drying time, and as long-lasting as nail polish.

Alfa-K Keratine Paris Nail Stickers Nailart Manucure

Manucure Arty?
For the first collection, Anne-Claire collaborates with the Parisian design duo Masomenos, known for their festive small colored fellows.
My favorite patterns: the “pineapple” drawn in green, yellow and pink pastel colors, or the very trendy feathers which I wore in my last look:

Alfa-K Keratine Paris Nail Stickers Nailart Manucure


What I like with Alfa-K
Alfa-K does things right, with attention to detail.
Every kit contains two strips of eight adhesives, with different sizes and width to match the size of your nails. You will also find a nail file and a wood stick for the application.


And if like me you don’t know anything about manicures (like what the hell is the wood stick for?), Alfa-K created playful and helpful tutorials to help you being pretty till the tip of your fingers.

The result:
For a real beginner, my first experience was pretty good. The application was easy, quick, and the wood stick smooth the stickers perfectly.
After you apply the stickers, cut away the overlap with the nail file.

To me, the patches were too long and wide, but I must confess that I still chew my nails and wear them very short, which is not ideal to test it. But I saw some pros blogger use one adhesive for two nails, so I guess after I practice I will use one kit for several applications.

Alfa-K Paris tutorial nail stickers manucure

How long does it last?
Let’s list what I’ve done after I applied the stickers: morning shower, walk and play with my english bulldog, shooting in Venice Beach, changing outfits for the shooting which implies a lot of nail scratching, hike in Hollywood Hills, evening shower, sleep, morning shower again, dish-washing, typing articles on my computer, dinner and party till 6am…verdict the day after: Nails = 1, Laura’s face = 0.

Alfa-K Keratine Paris Nail Stickers Nailart Manucure

To conclude, let’s talk about the sensitive part: the price.
You can smile, for 17 dollars or so, you can customize your nails with Alfa-K’s stickers.

Follow Alfa-K’s news:
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And go shop on their on-line boutique!

Bonne semaine à toutes! (= have a nice week)

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