Alice Balas: The Couture Biker Jacket

Alice Balas Perfectos Blouson Cuir Paris

It has been a while since I have written about a new designer.
But it was worth waiting, because I think you are all going to live this one.

OK, so we all know the biker jacket. A piece generally with a rock style, which has become a basic in our wardrobe. Last seasons, maybe we dared to wear it in different colours, such as red, white, powder pink, but the originality stopped there.

And then, Alice Balas (one of my friend again, I know, but what can I do if my friends are talented?), who is an Art Director, but very recently also a designer, has created a collection entirely dedicated to this famous leather jacket.

Being a Parisian who also lived in London, she was inspired by the effortless chic of the first one, the underground and boldness style of the second, to realise her very first collection.

Her “Perfectos” are feminized and customised, characterised by a combination of different leathers, colours, fabrics and details: golden sleeves, studded backs, fur collars…giving each model a sometimes rock, sometimes boho, sometimes classic style.

alice balas perfectos cuir

Alice Balas créatrice perfectos cuir rock

Each creation (69 in total) is unique, and has it’s own personalised label that is numbered, signed and dated by the designer.

Alice Balas Perfecto Cuir 7

Alice Balas Perfecto Cuir 5

Alice Balas Perfecto Cuir 2

Blouson Cuir original Paris Alice Balas

This first collection is available on demand, by contacting Alice directly here.

You can also follow her on her Instagram!
#alicebalasperfecto #londontoparis

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