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Last week, I walked for the first time in Anine Bing’s boutique. Anine is a former model who launched her own brand a few years ago in Los Angeles, and is known for her casual and chic style.

Discover in this post this brand which totally got me, and the top 10 of the pieces on my wish-list.

So, I am not at all into the model’s world, and Anine was a total stranger to me when I spotted her cool outfits on Instagram.


Indeed, Anine Bing got it all: she did not try to revolutionize the fashion world, but designed everyday trendy basics, to wear as well during the day as for a night out.

All those pieces work together or individually, (how many times did I arrive home and realise that my new purchase will go with NOTHING in my wardrobe?), and have this bohemian-rock style which is the signature of the brand.

You won’t find anything eccentric, but only stuff you can’t go wrong with: loose tee-shirts and tanks (my favorite), skinny ripped jeans, studded boots, which give a relaxed and effortless chic allure.

anine bing boutique los angeles 3rd Street

I fell for black jeans and 2 tanks, but I am still obsessed with the Army Jacket, another recurrent piece in Anine’s collections.


Here are my 10 favorite pieces of the collection:

1. White Ribbed Tank Top.
2. Black Linen Tank Top.
3. V-Neck Thin Sweater.
4. Army Jacket.
5. Olive Plaid Shirt.
6. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans.
7. Relaxed Jeans.
8. Combat Boots.
9. Kaki Glasses.
10. Evening Croco Pouch

If you want to learn more about Anine, follow her blog Anine’s World.

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8130 W 3rd ST. LOS ANGELES CA, 90048

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