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Today is my due-date, so it is time for me to take a break for a few weeks…but before, I wanted to share with you the pictures I did with the future dad to commemorate these last 9 months of pregnancy.

We wanted something simple, pure, and overall not too cheesy (forget sunsets or kisses on the belly!).
No background, no accessories, no sophisticated outfit, no make-up or hair done, just us and my belly, in black and white.

I love the result, and would like to thank my friend Tina, founder of the Web Design agency “The Next Movement”, who took the pictures for us and understood our expectations like a pro!

Pregnant-Creative Photo-shoot-9-months

Photoshoot-maternity pregnant-9-months-inspiration



Enceinte-maternité belles-photos-couple-9-mois

Our outfit details:
Swimsuit top: H&M
Bottom: Eres

Tee-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: The Kooples
Shoes: Converse

And now..tic, tac, tic, tac, wish me luck!

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