Back to Hoodies with Ba-sh Paris

Bash Paris Parisian Style

Bash Paris Hoodie Fall 2018

Are you digging the 90’s vibes? Because if you do, Ba-sh Paris brought back the iconic hoodie (you know, like the one we were wearing in high school to look cool) in a limited capsule collection for Back to School season.
Expect that this time we won’t be wearing it with baggie jeans (yep, that was my style, I was even wearing rasta breads on top of it…), but we will style it with contemporary and unexpected pieces, such as a leather skirt, tailored pants, or a long bohemian dress in my case.
How do you like it?

If you’re not convinced, take a look at Sincerely Jules and Collage Vintage rocking the hoodies in Ba-sh campaign below:

Shop my full Ba-sh look below!

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