Jules – 04/25/2015

look-blog bébé-petit bateau

Jacket and jeans : Petit Bateau ; Shoes: H&M ; Tee-shirt: Centre Commercial Paris ; Baby Fragrance: Tartine Et Chocolat

Initials LA

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  1. Hi Laura! Thank you for visiting me on my blog! Wow!That is so wonderful you have a “new addition”! The clothes are adorable!!

    Loved your alternative Coachella look soooo much. I agree, the looks are getting to be a bit tiresome and expected. I’ve seen some, including yours, that really stand out and are so much more interesting than the norm!!

    Kiss kiss,
    adorn la femme

    1. Hi Lauren! I love your blog too, it makes me nostalgic of LA 🙂
      Now that Jules is a little grown up, and I have for time to blog, I will keep reading yours! I loved it.
      I will be back in LA in September (for good), let’s hang !

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