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Starting today, I am going to try to talk a little bit more about my life here in LA: the places I like to eat, shop, the designers I discover…I meant to do it since the beginning of the blog, but between my son, work and life in general, I never really found the time.
And I wanted to start with a little spot I stopped by last week: Blue Window.

It’s a small booth with a blue wall and a window where you order your food, with an Asian-inspired street food menu. Like most of street food restaurants, you can take it to go or eat it at their standing bar outside directly on the sidewalk, and everything is under $10.


manger pour moins de 10 dollars à los angeles

We ordered the vegetables Korean potstickers, the Banh Mi Sandwich and the BBQ Bao. I am used to eat good Asian food in LA, but this Banh Mi Sandwich was dynamite. Not such a fan of the BBQ Bao, with pulled pork and BBQ sauce, (too sweet for me), but my man loved it. And I just devoured the fried dumplings, to dip in a red yam sauce.




If this menu makes you salivate, you should hurry up, because in two months it will be completely different. Indeed, the Chef Susan Feniger rotates the menu every 6 months, hence the hashtag #getyourfix on the board.

Oh, and last thing, this is LA, so they can make everything vegan for you!

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  1. Bardzo serdecznie dziękuję za wspaniałą dedykację jak również za cudowne przepisy. Oczywiście nie zwolni Cię to Basiu z przyjemności/obowiązku/zaszczytu (niepotrzebne skreślić) przygotowania tych pyszności za troszeczkę więcej niż tydzień :)))

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