Bugaboo by Diesel Denim Collection

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They’re not lying when they say that Denim is high fashion this season..

The hyp Dutch brand Bugaboo, which designs urban and trendy strollers, (I was sharing pictures of Jules’ one recently), collaborated  for the second time with Diesel to design a special edition collection inspired by Diesel’s iconic brand DNA: Denim.

But wait, we are not talking about  clean, new and immaculate denim canvas. The parents reading me here know well that stainless clothes belong to the past. That’s why Bugaboo and Diesel, with a lot of humour and irony, chose a washed, with splattered paint denim canvas to illustrate the (mostly messy) life of new parents and their kids.

A genius and funny concept, with the #borntobebrave, and a very fashionable stroller for trendy parents!

The French launching, organized with the magazine Les Louves, was following this rebellious and creative spirit: in a Parisian gallery, which was transformed for the day into a painting workshop, our kids were invited to free their imagination. 

stroller Bugaboo x Diesel denim

Trendy stroller Bugaboo Diesel Denim

Bugaboo Diesel Launching event

Bugaboo Diesel stroller event Paris

Poussette originale mode Bugaboo Diesel Lancement Paris

Bugaboo Diesel collaboration

A very original moment I was happy to share with the Bugaboo team, as usual!

For further information about this stroller, (and if you like it, hurry up, it’s a special edition!), go on Bugaboo’s website.

Copyright : Belly Balloon Photography – Sophie Derrien pour Les Louves

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