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Before I post the pictures of our trip to Cadiz, I had to make a quick post about the hotel we booked there: the Hotel La Cathedral.

It was ideally located on the square of Cadiz’s Cathedral (so beautiful with its mix of baroque and moorish architecture), a few steps from the ocean, but overall…with a rooftop pool with a direct view on the Cathedral, as if you could touch it, and a 360° view of the city.

The perfect spot to chill when it’s more than 105°outside in the afternoon!






On the picture (which I stole from Cadiz Turismo’s website, you can see, in front of the Cathedral,a rooftop with two palm trees and a blue aera (the pool): it’s there!

cathedral cadiz travel blog



One thing is sure: we had a very, very good time there…I am so nostalgic looking back at those pictures, please bring me back!

More information about the hotel:
La Cathedral, Plaza de la Cathedral, Cadiz.


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