5 Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts


It’s Tuesday, 5 days before Mother’s Day,  you have a super busy week of work, and you still haven’t found a gift for your mother…I am in the same situation, except that my mother lives on another continent and I won’t see her before next month, which gives me more time 😜.  Anyway, when you must shop fast and efficient, keep in mind that all women love the following gifts: fragrances (when well chosen), makeup, accessories. Fashion is great too, but hey, we just said that we were in a rush and buying fashion items require a little research and anticipation.

I’ve listed for you 5 gifts that you can shop (or e-shop) easily to spoil your mother right on time.

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Kick-Flare Jeans


The only jeans that you need for the Spring 2017 are kick-flare jeans (understand flare jeans that are cropped above the ankle). Way more comfortable than skinny jeans (who wants to sweat in tight jeans in the Summer?), and more flattering than our beloved boyfriend jeans (hated by our boyfriends, by the way), kick-flare jeans are the perfect compromise for a cool and distressed style.  I picked a high-waisted and light blue model with frayed hem (very Jane Birkin-esque).


Modern Pink

tendance mode rose été

This Summer again, we will be wearing pink. Not any kind of pink: pale, soft, pastel or antique pink are taking over the fashion collections. But this season’s pink is not romantic or boho, like we used to wear it in the past. This year, we will wear pink on modern, cutting-edge pieces, we will break the “cute little girl” image with bold associations and oversized volumes. Another way to wear pink this season is top wear it on masculine, boyish garments to contrast with the girly colour. Or, if you’re afraid to look like a barbie, just wear it on accessories (and good news, there’s tones of pink mules, loafers and pumps this season!)

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The Trench Coat


I am reading everywhere that the Trench Coat is making his comeback…my only question is “when was it ever old-fashioned”? If you ask me there’s nothing more basic, timeless and safe than a trench coat. You might not wear it every day, you might buy other coats that are more trendy (hello bomber jackets or oversize 90’s denim jackets!), but you can be sure that every time you’ll wear it you’ll look elegant and effortless chic. I own a few trench coats in different colours and designs (I posted this outfit with a blue one recently), but for Spring time I love to wear a white or creme model, that I rarely tie to break the strict style of the coat and makes it look more ‘cool’.
I’ve listed below 10 white trench coats I think you should invest in the Spring 2017!

The Perfect Oversized Grey Sweater

Grey Oversize Sweater shopping

There’s nothing more versatile and easy-to-wear than an oversized grey sweater in Winter.
Tuck it in your jeans, a mini-skirt or layer it over a pleated midi-skirt, and you immediately look stylish AND effortless chic.Check out and shop 12 chunky grey sweaters that I am currently coveting.


Paris and LA are two very different cities, but right now they have something in common: it’s SALES SEASON!

Don’t tell me that you don’t need anything. If Coco Chanel had followed women’s needs….the little black dress would not exist. Fashion is all about desire: it’s a process that goes from spotting a piece, to want it, to wait and covet it, to finally buy it. For me, it’s a very quick process because I usually skip the “wait” step (#compulsivebuyer).  But for most of you ladies, who have been waiting, thinking of THIS piece for weeks (over-the-knee boots? a designer bag?), go treat yourself! No need to be reasonable when it’s half price.

Also, sales are the perfect time to fall for this current fashion trend that you KNOW won’t last more than a year (hello Pajama suit!), so it hurts a little less to get it with a great discount.

Let me know which one of the items above you would fall for!

Holiday Gifts Guide 2016


There’s a silver lining in living so far from your friends and family: you never have to worry about Christmas and holiday gifts, because nobody comes to see you! Let me quote my sister, who found the ideal solution to this logistical problem last week when I asked her what she wanted for Christmas: “buy yourself something and pretend it’s from me, I’ll do the exact same, and let’s call it a day”! But everybody does not have a cool sister like mine, so if you’re still having nightmares about your holiday gifts, follow my guide: fashion, beauty, tech, decoration accessories to spoil your loved ones.

1. Beanie Chinti and Parker on Farfetch ; 2. Watch Daniel Wellington ; 3. Iphone case: Iphoria ; Lipstick: By Terry ; Plant: Gilt ; Pillow: Legacy at Horchow ; Headphones Mira Mikati ; Notebook: Nordstrom; Bracelet: Khol’s ; Glitter socks: Topshop; Bag: Chloé; Scarf: Isabel Marant ; Keychain: Stella Mc Cartney; Robe: Gilt ; Candle: By Redo

Holiday Style Guide


Like every year I am sure that you wonder how to dress to impress for your holiday parties. Of course, you could wear a little black dress: it’s safe and timeless. But why not play with all the cool trends of the season: glitter, bodysuit, velvet (a luminous fabric ideal for the evening) for a fun and more modern style ? I’ve gathered for you two super trendy outfits, easy for you to replicate  to rise and shine !

On the left: Bodysuit: Eres ; Jeans: H&M ; Velvet Sandals: Barney’s ; Burgundy bag: Sandro

On the right:Leopard Faux Fur Coat: Mango ; Sequin dress: H&M; Bag: Saint-Laurent ; Lipstick: Mac Cosmetics ; Ankle boots: DUNE