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Who doesn’t stress out when it comes to keep your family meals interesting? It’s a big challenge for me. I am a pretty good cook but a very limited one…with only 10 recipes TOP to my repertoire! As a working mother, as much as I would love to experience new recipes I just don’t have time to browse the internet or my cook books, then go to the supermarket to buy every single ingredient. This is so frustrating because we end up always eating the same meals!
This week, I partnered with PLATED to try their tasty and functional meal kit delivery service.

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Tulum’s best food spots


Alright, so this is another post about my trip to Tulum, but this time I am talking about food! I was really surprised by the quality of food everywhere we went, wether it was a well-known restaurant or a small caban by the beach. Most of the touristic destinations I’ve been to are usually full of places that offer you overpriced local specialties with a really poor food quality, but we really had a culinary blast in Tulum. Don’t get me wrong, the food did not impress us by its originality: we had ceviches, shrimps tacos, fish almost every day…but the quality, the freshness, the seasoning made every dish a real pleasure to eat. Way better than the Mexican food we’re used to eat in LA! I’ve listed below the 5 best food spots in Tulum.

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The Perfect Summer Salad


I might be French but I am not what you would call a “Chef”. I master 5-6 recipes which the people who live with me or come often at home know have eaten 1000 times, and for the rest my motto is “In Whole Foods I trust”.
So when I find a new recipe which I want to reproduce (my criteria: easy and quick), it deserves to be shared on the blog! I found this one at my best friend’s brunch last week-end. If you are not into healthy food, you might hate, or else it’s just the perfect summer salad.

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Restaurants open everyday in Paris, but it’s rare to find something different and special.

I tried the burgers from Siseng, on the Canal Saint-Martin, and what a great surprise! Finally something original I’d never had before, and of course was delicious.

OK, now you are thinking: Burgers AGAIN? But these are neither your typical American burgers. These burgers have an asian fusion. Instead of the classic bun, they use a Chinese bun called “Bao”, and the flavours of the burgers are inspired by the Asian cuisine: lemongrass, coconut milk, cilantro, etc…

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Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese


If you have seen the movie #chef, you must have been craving Grilled Cheese since (especially after this scene when Jon Favreau fixes one for his son at the beginning…).
Well, good news, there’s a place in LA which proposes similar “gourmet” Grilled Cheese, with high quality ingredients and original recipes.

Everyday, I was passing by Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, on Melrose Avenue. With its yellow restaurant front, it looked like any other fast food to me; and as a healthy food militant, I never even considered grabbing something to eat there.

And one day, you know how it is…you partied the day before, there’s nothing in the fridge, you are starving, and you smell the grilled cheese. Then, there are no more “healthy” rules, you just NEED one of those sandwiches!

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Venice Beach

Sunset Venice Beach Los Angeles Palm Trees

I was looking back at my blog recently, and noticed I did not post a lot about Los Angeles the past months.

Of course it can be explained by the fact that I moved back to France to have my baby boy in May 2014.

But tomorrow, I am going back to California, which was the occasion for me to go through some pictures I took last year, especially pictures about my favorite district in Los Angeles: Venice Beach.

Visit this neighborhood in images:

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Cap Ferret – Day 1


Me revoici après plus d’un mois d’absence. En effet, mon petit Jules est né le 10 Août dernier, et celles qui sont déjà maman comprendront que les semaines qui suivent une naissance, on a envie de TOUT sauf de s’intéresser à la mode, s’habiller, se prendre en photo ou s’occuper de son blog!

Avant de réattaquer la rentrée, nous sommes partis, pour la première fois à 3, quelques jours au Cap Ferret, un endroit sublime que je ne connaissais pas (en bonne Biarrote que je suis, je ne vais que sur la Côte Basque en vacances)!

Nous étions pratiquement au niveau de la pointe, à Lège Cap Ferret, et avons profité des meilleures adresses locales grâce aux conseils d’amis connaisseurs (Merci Aurélie et Pia!). Voici quelques photos de notre petit séjour.

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