Mini and Moi at La Chouquette


Last week I took Jules to La Chouquette, a new French pastry that opened on Melrose. Chouquettes and I share a real love story, it’s the kind of pastry that brings me back to my childhood: they look like mini-puffs, they can be filled with cream or just plain, but in both case they are the most delicious treat to eat for breakfast or for a snack, and they feel so light that I could eat dozens! Jules was wearing his new sweater from Mini and Moi, a mini-collection  sweaters with adorable pointy hoodies created by my friend Melanie. Not only do they look so cute, but the fabric’s incredibly soft, and they’re made in LA! 

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This photoshoot must be my favorite so far, because it started as a regular photoshoot for the blog
(a casual Summer outfit with a blue linen shirt and vintage denim shorts), but at the end of the day we shot gorgeous mother and son pictures on this little beach in Malibu
(I won’t disclose the address, it’s such a cute and peaceful beach, I keep it for myself! 😛 ).

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Omy Design & Play

omy décoration enfants design

    I confess, I am the most snobbish person when it comes to kids toys, especially boy’s toys.          I find them most of the times ugly, noisy, and I would hate for my living room to look like a Toys R Us store. In a ideal world, my son would only have nice wood & antique toys, in neutral beige or light grey colors. Well, in a world where Jules would not ruin the hardwood floor by throwing them on the ground, with the endless energy of his 20 months, which happened hundreds of times!

All this to say that I had a real crush on OMY Design & Play, a genius kid activity MADE IN PARIS which goes beyond my wildest dreams: its aesthetic, creative, SILENT, cultural, design and super trendy! FINALLY a kid’s drawing you wanna hang in your living-room (let’s be honest please).

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This week’s outfit was shot on a little square in Silver Lake, one of the only districts in LA with some European soul, little cafes, restaurants, vintage or designers shops, all in walking distance. As you can imagine, coming from Paris, I feel in my element here.

My outfit, now: I’ve been talking over and over about wearing white in Winter, and white jeans are the easy solution; mine are from Isabel Marant, they are currently on sales for more than 50% off at Barney’s; because I always need to contrast something tight with something oversize, I am wearing it with a giant knit sweater from Iro Paris.

But the main accessory of this outfit is Jules’s new YOYO Babyzen stroller. I love its modern design, its light weight, its comfort….but overall its amazing compactness! This stroller folds and unfolds very easily and it fits in the trunk of my Fiat 500 in a snap!

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Be #ReadyLA


A few weeks ago, I was talking about an earthquake I felt during my pregnancy, in April 2014. It was my first year in Los Angeles, and even if it was a relatively small one, it totally freaked me out!

When telling this story to a friend, she told me about an emergency pack she keeps at home in case of a natural disaster. At first, I thought she was being dramatic, so I asked more people, mostly people who were born and raised in California, and have been through a few natural disasters like earthquakes, wild fires and flooding. Everyone told me the same thing : that, I should have an emergency kit at home, as well as an emergency plan and a meeting point with my family.

It’s not about living in fear, it’s about being prepared, because indeed California could face a natural disaster at anytime, and there are a few things you need to do and know in case it happens. Especially when you have a baby and a family, like me. I encourage you to check out the webiste, created by the Los Angeles County Emergency Management Department, to be 100% informed on disaster prepareness. Thanks to this website, I found all the information to build my emergency kit (which I had no clue what it even was before) and create my emergency plan…

It felt a little bit like I was in the Walking Dead, packing my survival backpack in case of a zombie apocalypse, but since I am a fan of the series, I had a lot of fun doing it, and I am pretty sure Jules loved it too!

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Bugaboo by Diesel Denim Collection

bugaboo-by-diesel-denim-bassinet-3 (1)

They’re not lying when they say that Denim is high fashion this season..

The hyp Dutch brand Bugaboo, which designs urban and trendy strollers, (I was sharing pictures of Jules’ one recently), collaborated  for the second time with Diesel to design a special edition collection inspired by Diesel’s iconic brand DNA: Denim.

But wait, we are not talking about  clean, new and immaculate denim canvas. The parents reading me here know well that stainless clothes belong to the past. That’s why Bugaboo and Diesel, with a lot of humour and irony, chose a washed, with splattered paint denim canvas to illustrate the (mostly messy) life of new parents and their kids.

A genius and funny concept, with the #borntobebrave, and a very fashionable stroller for trendy parents!

The French launching, organized with the magazine Les Louves, was following this rebellious and creative spirit: in a Parisian gallery, which was transformed for the day into a painting workshop, our kids were invited to free their imagination. 

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My Little Dude for 64

Shooting marque 64 tee-shirt bébé garçon

Today, my heart is exploding with pride while I present you the shooting of my little Jules for the French brand 64!
Don’t worry, I am not turning into those mothers who make their kids audition for castings, but I have a sentimental story with this brand, which comes from the Basque Country like me, and whose designs represent the cool “art de vivre” of my region: surf, sport, good food, well-being, party…

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