Blue Window


Starting today, I am going to try to talk a little bit more about my life here in LA: the places I like to eat, shop, the designers I discover…I meant to do it since the beginning of the blog, but between my son, work and life in general, I never really found the time.
And I wanted to start with a little spot I stopped by last week: Blue Window.

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5 Reasons to Love Palm Springs


We all know Palm Springs for the Coachella Festival, which gathers every year thousands of people. But hey, good news! If you happen to visit California outside of April (the month of the festival), there are still really cool things to do in Palm Springs! Here’s my top 5:

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The Perfect Summer Salad


I might be French but I am not what you would call a “Chef”. I master 5-6 recipes which the people who live with me or come often at home know have eaten 1000 times, and for the rest my motto is “In Whole Foods I trust”.
So when I find a new recipe which I want to reproduce (my criteria: easy and quick), it deserves to be shared on the blog! I found this one at my best friend’s brunch last week-end. If you are not into healthy food, you might hate, or else it’s just the perfect summer salad.

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Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese


If you have seen the movie #chef, you must have been craving Grilled Cheese since (especially after this scene when Jon Favreau fixes one for his son at the beginning…).
Well, good news, there’s a place in LA which proposes similar “gourmet” Grilled Cheese, with high quality ingredients and original recipes.

Everyday, I was passing by Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, on Melrose Avenue. With its yellow restaurant front, it looked like any other fast food to me; and as a healthy food militant, I never even considered grabbing something to eat there.

And one day, you know how it is…you partied the day before, there’s nothing in the fridge, you are starving, and you smell the grilled cheese. Then, there are no more “healthy” rules, you just NEED one of those sandwiches!

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Venice Beach

Sunset Venice Beach Los Angeles Palm Trees

I was looking back at my blog recently, and noticed I did not post a lot about Los Angeles the past months.

Of course it can be explained by the fact that I moved back to France to have my baby boy in May 2014.

But tomorrow, I am going back to California, which was the occasion for me to go through some pictures I took last year, especially pictures about my favorite district in Los Angeles: Venice Beach.

Visit this neighborhood in images:

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Yummy Places to go in Hollywood: Cantaloop


If you come visit Los Angeles, for sure you will go to Hollywood Boulevard, to see the Dolby Theatre, the stars on the sidewalk on the Walk of Fame.

And also for sure, whenever you will come, it will be hot, very hot, like everyday in this city! So to have a refreshing snack, go to this little place of Frozen Yogurts in the area, Cantaloop, my yummy ritual every sunday when I come back from the Hollywood Farmers Market.

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Yummy and Healthy Smoothie with Kale, Bananas and Berries

Smoothie Milk Shake-Healthy-Kale-Berries-Banana-Almond

It is impossible to live in California and not try one of those homemade smoothies Californian people love, mixing most of the time green vegetables, fruits, and proteins.

One of my favorite is the Kale ( a super-powered salad we don’t have in France yet, low in calories and high in Iron), Banana and Berries: I was chocked by its weird and not appealing color at first (it s a brown-green-purple shade), but it is delicious.

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