Be #ReadyLA


A few weeks ago, I was talking about an earthquake I felt during my pregnancy, in April 2014. It was my first year in Los Angeles, and even if it was a relatively small one, it totally freaked me out!

When telling this story to a friend, she told me about an emergency pack she keeps at home in case of a natural disaster. At first, I thought she was being dramatic, so I asked more people, mostly people who were born and raised in California, and have been through a few natural disasters like earthquakes, wild fires and flooding. Everyone told me the same thing : that, I should have an emergency kit at home, as well as an emergency plan and a meeting point with my family.

It’s not about living in fear, it’s about being prepared, because indeed California could face a natural disaster at anytime, and there are a few things you need to do and know in case it happens. Especially when you have a baby and a family, like me. I encourage you to check out the webiste, created by the Los Angeles County Emergency Management Department, to be 100% informed on disaster prepareness. Thanks to this website, I found all the information to build my emergency kit (which I had no clue what it even was before) and create my emergency plan…

It felt a little bit like I was in the Walking Dead, packing my survival backpack in case of a zombie apocalypse, but since I am a fan of the series, I had a lot of fun doing it, and I am pretty sure Jules loved it too!

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5 Reasons to Love Palm Springs


We all know Palm Springs for the Coachella Festival, which gathers every year thousands of people. But hey, good news! If you happen to visit California outside of April (the month of the festival), there are still really cool things to do in Palm Springs! Here’s my top 5:

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Home Inspiration

natural and modern decoration with recycled wood

Bonjour! If you follow my Instagram and the blog, you know I’ve been traveling and moving over the past 3 years: from Paris to LA, LA to Paris, spending a few weeks in Biarritz in France, Palm Springs in California…but I FINALLY settled in my new home. No more movings. A home I finally can decorate and feel, well, like at home. That’s why I’ve been very excited to furnish it and I’ve been spending hours on decoration websites (the main one being, I confess, IKEA).

And even if I am NOT AT ALL a DYI person (it is as dangerous to give me a hammer as it could be to give it to my one year old son), I definitely want to try this decoration idea found on the French website Côté Maison: to use recycled wood pallets as decoration elements for coffee tables, beds, shelfs…check the following pics and tell me what you think about it!

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Mother’s Day


HMMM this Sunday started perfectly…it’s Mother’s Day in the USA, so even if we’re in Paris, my love wanted to celebrate it. It’s an even more special day since it’s my very first Mother’s Day, AND Jules is turning 9 months today, and let me be honest: it’s not easy every day!

But, waiting that Jules makes me ugly noodle necklaces which I will have no choice but to wear, this breakfast in bed and flowers make up for all the tough moments. Now I can’t wait for French Mother’s Day on May 31st ♥

I love this super natural shooting, full of love and tenderness.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who will read this.

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Venice Beach

Sunset Venice Beach Los Angeles Palm Trees

I was looking back at my blog recently, and noticed I did not post a lot about Los Angeles the past months.

Of course it can be explained by the fact that I moved back to France to have my baby boy in May 2014.

But tomorrow, I am going back to California, which was the occasion for me to go through some pictures I took last year, especially pictures about my favorite district in Los Angeles: Venice Beach.

Visit this neighborhood in images:

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One year after: did I keep my good resolutions for 2014?

quote happy new year 2015 funny

Happy New Year everyone!

One year ago, I shared with you my resolutions for 2014, and reading it one year later made me laugh a lot.

One must say that, in one year, I moved, pregnant, from Los Angeles to Biarritz (France), to have my baby surrounded by my family ; then from Biarritz to Paris, and right now I am packing to move back to California!

So of course I did not have time to think about my resolutions; I had completely forgotten about them!

One year later, let’s take stock of the situation.

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Runyon Canyon Park – Los Angeles


After a year in Los Angeles, now that I am moving back to Paris, I realized that I never posted about Runyon Canyon Park, which has been my daily working out spot in Hollywood (just a few minutes walking from my flat). Runyon is an amazing 30mn hike which takes you up the hollywood hills, to get one of the most beautiful 360° views of Los Angeles.

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