The Perfect Summer Salad


I might be French but I am not what you would call a “Chef”. I master 5-6 recipes which the people who live with me or come often at home know have eaten 1000 times, and for the rest my motto is “In Whole Foods I trust”.
So when I find a new recipe which I want to reproduce (my criteria: easy and quick), it deserves to be shared on the blog! I found this one at my best friend’s brunch last week-end. If you are not into healthy food, you might hate, or else it’s just the perfect summer salad.

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Restaurants open everyday in Paris, but it’s rare to find something different and special.

I tried the burgers from Siseng, on the Canal Saint-Martin, and what a great surprise! Finally something original I’d never had before, and of course was delicious.

OK, now you are thinking: Burgers AGAIN? But these are neither your typical American burgers. These burgers have an asian fusion. Instead of the classic bun, they use a Chinese bun called “Bao”, and the flavours of the burgers are inspired by the Asian cuisine: lemongrass, coconut milk, cilantro, etc…

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