Shoe Alert: the Calf-Length Boots

calf length boots for winter 2015 2016

When it comes to spotting the new shoe trends, I am at the front of the class, and unfortunately for my bank account, part of my job is to look through all the new collections and Fashion Week reviews. That’s how I noticed that calf-length boots are very fashionable this season.

So forget all about the low boots, which we have been wearing over and over for the past seasons. The new boots are higher, sexier, very inspired by the sixties (especially if you get one of those patent leather models as seen at Zara or Mango).

Even though my heart belongs to the Isabel Marant’s incredibly sexy boots, here is my suggestion of 10 calf-length boots; for all budgets, to shop this season:

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Socks & Sandals: Surprisingly Stylish


Some would consider it a long-standing rule of fashion that socks and sandals shouldn’t mix. While it’s true that the look can be quite tacky, it’s also important to understand that “socks and sandals” doesn’t just mean traditional white athletic socks crammed into flip-flops. In fact, a number of fashion collections and exhibitions in recent years have demonstrated that variations of the socks and sandals look can actually be pretty stylish!

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One Piece


I am planning to spend the Summer in the South of France, and there I only need denim shorts and a one piece swimsuit (which I wear at the beach or as a bodysuit at night).

Looking for the perfect piece on the web, I’ve been agreeably surprised by some designers/brands: Maje launched an amazing bronze model in Lurex (must look good on my skin 🙂 ), the French designer Albertine Swim (if you don’t know her, go on her eshop NOW, she is the Queen of swimsuits to me) made me melt with her embroidered Camarat model, or Sahara Ray (who I met a year ago during a shooting with Sean Murphy) launched her own super sexy line of swimsuits, for those who dare.

Which one will you fall for?

En haut, de gauche à droite: Albertine Swim (similaire de la même marque ici) ; Maje ; Topshop : Asos
En bas, de gauche à droite: Roxy (similaire de la même marque ici) ; Brazilian Bikini ; Topshop ; Sahara Ray Swim.



The Perfect Summer Salad


I might be French but I am not what you would call a “Chef”. I master 5-6 recipes which the people who live with me or come often at home know have eaten 1000 times, and for the rest my motto is “In Whole Foods I trust”.
So when I find a new recipe which I want to reproduce (my criteria: easy and quick), it deserves to be shared on the blog! I found this one at my best friend’s brunch last week-end. If you are not into healthy food, you might hate, or else it’s just the perfect summer salad.

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My Hopy Poppy Jumpsuit


Today is so hot in Paris, it’s the perfect day to introduce you this new designer and its first Summery collection Hopy Poppy.
I fell in love with the pastel colors, the fun and retro designs (mini-dresses, maxi-jumpsuits) with always modern details (such as shiny leathers or cutouts).
I chose this cutout jumpsuit, which happens to be one of the Best-Sellers of the brand since its launch.
It’s comfy, very light, and ideal for a casual-chic event (I plan to wear it for a wedding).

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Restaurants open everyday in Paris, but it’s rare to find something different and special.

I tried the burgers from Siseng, on the Canal Saint-Martin, and what a great surprise! Finally something original I’d never had before, and of course was delicious.

OK, now you are thinking: Burgers AGAIN? But these are neither your typical American burgers. These burgers have an asian fusion. Instead of the classic bun, they use a Chinese bun called “Bao”, and the flavours of the burgers are inspired by the Asian cuisine: lemongrass, coconut milk, cilantro, etc…

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