Shoe Alert: the Calf-Length Boots

calf length boots for winter 2015 2016

When it comes to spotting the new shoe trends, I am at the front of the class, and unfortunately for my bank account, part of my job is to look through all the new collections and Fashion Week reviews. That’s how I noticed that calf-length boots are very fashionable this season.

So forget all about the low boots, which we have been wearing over and over for the past seasons. The new boots are higher, sexier, very inspired by the sixties (especially if you get one of those patent leather models as seen at Zara or Mango).

Even though my heart belongs to the Isabel Marant’s incredibly sexy boots, here is my suggestion of 10 calf-length boots; for all budgets, to shop this season:

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10 Trendy Shoes for a Wedding


I said it one thousand times, I am getting (re)married in France this Summer (first time was in California), and what was supposed to be a simple celebration is turning into a real nightmare.

I had convinced myself that I wanted something casual, like a party, but getting closer to the date I felt the pressure rise, I started to look at wedding blogs, and that was the beginning of the end; now I want a Princess Wedding, with flowers everywhere, lights in the trees and all the classical and cheesy stuff you can imagine.

My new nightmare in the long list of nightmares when you organize a wedding is the choice of my shoes.

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Cute Baby Shoes


Some thinks make us undoubtedly melt: kitties, chocolate, wedding proposals…and baby feet and their cute mini-shoes.
However, it’s been 8 months that my son goes barefoot of with socks. Because yes, for once, I was reasonnable: if shoes are made to walk, then he did not need shoes (which is ironic when you see my collection of heels which rip my feet).

But those times are gone. Last week, Jules was watching me proudly, standing up hanging on our bulldog’s cage, and I understood that it was baby shoes shopping time. And, as often, I found real cute things at H&M Kids:

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20 Chic Pool Slide Sandals (YES it’s possible!)

claquettes-piscine-mode été 2015

Get ready, because the least sexy shoe trend is coming this summer: the pool slide sandals.

To make it sound nicer, magazines and brands will brand it as “mule”, “flat sandal”, or “sliders”, but let’s call a spade a spade, a plastic sandal with one or two flanges is something you used to wear to go to the pool, or, if you want to be fancy, at the SPA.

The sooner you live with it, the sooner you will learn how to wear it without looking like a German tourist.

But this season, designers proved that the pool slide sandals can be chic (Burberry Prorsum, Zadig et Voltaire for example).

I even think that with its super casual and comfy style, pool slide sandals can be addictive and become the Summer equivalent of the UGG! Ugly, not flattering, but too comfortable.

Here are my 20 favorite models to shop, and, to inspire you, a few outfits of bloggers rocking their pool slide sandals:

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Socks : The New Mid-Season Accessory

how to wear socks with sandals summer

Great news for those who count the days before Springtime: get your summer heels, because socks are the new accessory to rock with them! High, low, solid, printed, the only rule is to show them!

Here are 5 combos shoes + socks to adopt undoubtedly:

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New Balance


In a few days, we will all be dressing for holiday parties; so waiting for this, I wanted to present a casual and effortless chic outfit, which I loved to wear last week to walk around Paris, featuring my new sneakers New Balance!
I love this outfit because it mixes strict and casual codes (the white shirt and the straight pants vs the loose cardigan and the sneakers).
How du you like it?

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Thank God, Sneakers are Back

1. Camille Over The Rainbow ; 2. Meet Me in Paree ; 3. Initials LA

I remember the time when going to the office with sneakers was a professional suicide.
When, on our way to work, we were exchanging our comfy Nike for high heels at the metro exit, and hiding it in our bag, waiting patiently to take them out 9h later on our way back home. When I would have rather loose a toe than go to a dinner wearing sneakers.

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20 Trendy Shoes for Fall-Winter 2014/2015

Chaussures Tendance Hiver 2014 2015

After the Indian Summer we had in France, it is finally time to get our feet warm, and shoppingwise, there is plenty of choice this winter!

So the eternal question is: what are the shoe trends this season?
Well, nothing really surprising, which is not a bad thing because what was a shoe trend now becomes a basic : the over-the-knee boots are hotter than ever, derbies are adorned with fringes, glitter, nots…rubber soles bring a punk-rock touch to our style.

Here is my selection of 20 trendy shoe styles to shop:

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