The Streets of Cadiz


I can’t stop posting pictures about our trip to Andalusia!

In Cadiz, I fell in love with the architecture of the old city and its narrow and colored streets. I took so many pictures of pink, white, yellow, green streets that it was tough to sort it out!

About my look: I am wearing this gorgeous one piece swimwear/bodysuit from Maje (I wore it almost everyday there), which is still on sales on their on-line shop!

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Cadiz – Hotel La Cathedral


Before I post the pictures of our trip to Cadiz, I had to make a quick post about the hotel we booked there: the Hotel La Cathedral.

It was ideally located on the square of Cadiz’s Cathedral (so beautiful with its mix of baroque and moorish architecture), a few steps from the ocean, but overall…with a rooftop pool with a direct view on the Cathedral, as if you could touch it, and a 360° view of the city.

The perfect spot to chill when it’s more than 105°outside in the afternoon!

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Sevilla – Day 2


You know it’s Summer because I barely publish on the blog!
Yet we are not on holidays: between the preparations for our wedding, my return to the States in Fall, Jules and my work (which does not magically stops in July and August, unfortunately), I feel a little overwhelmed.

That’s why it feels so good to look back at those pics from our week in Andalucia, Spain.
Here is our second day in Sevilla (the first day was posted here), and since I am a little lazy, I also post the outfit of the week at the same time! It’s a timeless Summer outfit featuring my fav oversize top by my lovely Margaux Lonnberg .

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Wow, I haven’t published anything in two weeks!

For those who follow me on Instagram, you know I was in Andalucia with my man (the first holidays just the two of us without our son), and it felt so good to enjoy those days and put the blog aside for once.

But I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures to share our trip with you, and let me tell you that the selection was not easy.

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Chile – Part 2


It was more than 40°C today! I can’t believe that a few days ago I was freezing in Chile with temperatures under zero degrees. I already shared with you the first part of this trip organised by Bose, but I kept the best for the end: today, I am talking about the geysers we went to see, the natural pools we swam in, and the colored lakes we visited.

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Chile – The Atacama Desert


If you are following my  Instagram, you know that I just spent a few days in Chile, visiting the Atacama Desert with Bose France.

A unique experience, and a total change of scenery which allowed me to disconnect with my everyday life: there, you don’t think about your OOTD, you just put on layer after layer trying to heat yourself! (it was winter at this time of the year, and the temperature went down to -15°C).

From the salted deserts to the natural pools and the geysers 4000 meters above sea level, this trip was far from the classical beach and palm trees holiday. But Bose wanted to bring us to a memorable place, still unknown by most of people, something we would remember as unique.

A sure bet.

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Road Trip


Those pictures were shot on the side of the road in the Coachella Valley. I love this kind of landscapes were you have nothing but the desert, the mountains, and some houses sometimes, lost in the middle of nowhere.

This post is also a tribute to our Fiat 500, this little car which is considered only as a city-car for most people, but which took us to so many places (from LA to Key West last year, but also to Northern California, Yosemite…) that it deserved to be featured on this post.

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