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Wanna look smoking hot in your bikini this Summer?
You should try Cellublue, a new gadget Made in France that reproduces at home the famous palpate-roll massage, the most effective and known technique to get ride of the orange peel effect, 5 minutes a day for 21 days!

CelluBlue ventouse anticellulite made in france

The CelluBlue suction cup is the fitness gagdet everybody’s talking about, because it’s  supposed to be really efficient to erase what we call “orange-peel skin”.
I heard that some women, who were about to use plastic surgery to get rid of deep cellulite, were really happy about it and call it the “miracle” cup (that’s the kinf of urban legend that me and my friends talk about during aperitivo).
So obviously I was super excited to try it when Cellublue contacted me, because, let’s say that 30 years of drinking rosé at Parisian terrasses instead of working out did not really help me have a perfectly firm butt.

When I received the cup, I was a little confused: how come that such a small object (so small that my son thought it was one of his stackable toys, and I found it many times in his bedroom), can be so efficient? Because there’s actually a precise technique to learn to reproduce the famous “palper-rouler” massage:

You can also see all the details of the movements, step by step, here.

Now, let’s talk about the frequency of the massages: 5 minutes a day.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve been running for almost 2 years now (after I gave birth), at least 20 minutes each time, without spectacular results, so 5 minutes a day at home seems really, really attractive to me. I chose to do it while I potty-train my son, but obviously you can pick your own moment (after the shower, in front of your tv at night…who does not have 5mn a day?

I’ve been using CelluBlue suctin cup for 4 weeks now, and even if I think that, unfortunately, I will always have cellulite, the orange-peel skin aspect has clearly decreased.

I am a little too self-conscious to publish “close-up” pictures of the results, but here is, “globally”, how it looks like after 4 weeks:

CelluBlue suction cup anti-cellulite

PS: I am eating healthy, and I still exercise 2-3 times a week (running and Pilates). So like any “slimming product”, CelluBlue should be used in addition to a healthy living.


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