Choopie-city-bucket- stoller accessory

Hi Mommies! If you are as disorganized as I am, you’ll enjoy this very useful tip. Have you ever tried to grab something under your stroller, like your kid’s snack for example, but his legs are in the way, you’re struggling, and then when your arm finally reaches under the stroller you can’t find the damn snack bag? Or have you ever picked up 1000 times your baby’s sippy cup on the floor because he just loves to drop it?

Well, then the Choopie city bucket is definitely the accessory you need: just attach it to your stroller, put whatever you want to be easily reachable in it (phone, bottle, snack, sunglasses…this is my second purse now!), and you’re good to go. It comes in 4 super cute designs,  (I had to pick the little boy with the ballons, who totally looks like a French baby) and adapts to every stroller (I have 3 strollers and it adapts to each one).

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 16.33.32

Let me know if you liked it, and if you have more tips, I am listening!



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