Coachella 2016


Coachella-2016-sunset As promised, here are some pictures of my weekend at Coachella. Not the best pics, since I did not take my camera, but it will give you a pretty good idea of the experience.



I went there not really knowing what was expecting me. After all, most people criticise the festival, arguing that it became some trendy event which has nothing to do with music anymore and that anyway it’s too far, too hot, too busy…Well, I thought it was really awesome, and trust me I normally have no problem criticising and complaining about things (French genes…). Despite the heat, despite the wind storms (providing you an invigorating and painful sand exfoliation), despite the hours waiting for UBER, I thought the atmosphere was really good, full of good vibes, not trashy like some festivals can be.


And the fact that everybody dresses with these hippie chic / boho styles, which is the haters main argument, plays a big role in this cool atmosphere: Coachella is like a giant costumed party bringing you back to the 70’s!


Coachella-style-playsuit The location is gorgeous: a huge polo field, in the desert, at the bottom of the mountains. A place so big that even if more than 100 000 people come every night, you can still breathe and watch the concerts  chilling on the grass.





The decoration is also impressive, from the iconic Ferris wheel welcoming you at the entrance, to the contemporary art pieces created especially for the festival (like this huge yellow lighted structure),  or the lighted Palm Trees surrounding the polo field.

If you can make it to California next year, that’s definitely an experience I recommend!

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