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Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories. Those days when everything goes wrong, especially the way I look, they help me save face (literally) more than once! But yes, sunglasses are a budget, that’s why I try to buy only one pair a year. Every time, it’s an endless dilemma because I am torn between 4 or 5 different models.

Then, last month, I was contacted by www.ditto.com, the “Netflix” of sunglasses which gives the subscribers endless eyewear to enjoy (sunglasses + prescription glasses) starting at $24/month. Pick any designer pair, receive it at home, then swap them for a new pair any time you want. And today, I give you the opportunity to get your first month FREE with the code INITIALSLA. 

For my first month, I picked this model from Vera Wang, theTortoiseshell by Vera Wang. I am kind of sad to send them back, but I enjoyed them every day since I received them, and I am also very excited to receive a new pair!


Let’s talk about another major advantage of DITTO: the possibility to try the glasses online, by creating your “DITTO”; “DITTO” is the name for the video of your face from your phone or webcam that enables you to virtually try on glasses from every angle. I tried it (and decided to share the picture with you), and the simulation looks pretty good, doesn’t it? I really can tell if the sunglasses would look good on me or not.

ditto eyewear

And if you are wondering what would happen if you damaged your pair, be reassured: insurance is included in the monthly suscription.

So remember! If you decide to subscribe to DITTO, use the promo code INITIALSLA to get your first month free!

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