Fabric Hunted and Collected


As a fan of minimal style, I’ve always liked jumpsuits and rompers. One piece, one look, no hassle. And that’s why I love Fabric Hunted and Collected, a French designer who masters in creating stylish jumpsuits/playsuits, ideal to transition from day to night, and all made with handcrafted textiles “hunted” in India or Nepal.






I already introduced this brand in this post last year, and I’d like to show the designer my support again, because her new collection is simply divine, I admire her passion for handcrafted textiles, and the fact that she cares about the people she’s working with.

To Gabrielle, the founder of the brand, “It felt very important to work on a project that helped solve the humanitarian and economic problems faced by traditional artisans. For me, the solution is to support and promote hand made artisanal production, understand the people I collaborate with, find fair price points for their products, have an open, honest relationship, work with natural materials, keep it small and put quality over quantity”.

I highly encourage you to check the brand’s website and to follow its Instagram!

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