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Summer 2014 will be fruity, and the big star is the Pineapple!
On a giant printed tee-shirt, a monogram on our swimsuit, as an accessory (on a fun phone case) or as a decoration (how cute is a Pineapple lamp?), fall for this tropical fashion which brings you straight to the beach and holidays (at least mentally).

ANANAS-Mode- été-fruit-imprimé-tee-shirt-robe-iphone-déco
1. Zara Home ; 2. Darjeeling 3. Pink Victoria Secret; 4. My Little Market; 5. Topshop; 6. Soludos ; 7. Zara Home; 8. Zara; 9. Zara Home

I also recommend the cute little dresses from my friend Ninon Retro in Paris, with the pineapple monogram print:

Ananas Mode Vintage Robe Ninon Retro Paris
Pineapple Dress from Ninon Retro Shop in Paris

Pineapple is also a star in our plates, customize it like Fashion blogger “Meet Me in Paree” to give an arty look to your breakfast!

Breakfast healthy fruits tropical pineapple Meet Me in Paree blog
Seen on “Meet Me in Paree”‘s instagram:

And for those who like the pineapple trend, but don’t dare to wear it on clothes, you can always pick a fun background for your computer, which will make you wait patiently for holidays while you are at work:

passion ananas été 2014 mode

ananas pineapple fashion decoration

Have a nice week-end!

Fruity kisses


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