4 Ideas of Gifts for Father’s Day in Fashion, Beauty, High-Tech and Design


If, like me, you are not inspired at all when it comes to buy a gift for your father, here is a last-minute selection (because I am so late like always!) : 4 ideas of Father’s day Gifts, in fashion, decoration, high-tech or beauty.

For a Trendy Daddy

1. Saharienne “Petit Bateau”. 2. Cravate tissée “The Kooples”. 3. Maillot de Bain “Le SLip Français”. 4. Sac de Week-end “Zara”. 5. Montre design “Lexon”. 6. Slippers “Givenchy”. 7. Chapeau “Big Aristote”. 8. Echarpe d’été “Sandro”. 9. Sweater “Dr Summer”. 10. Lunettes “Urban Outiftters” 11. Stan Smith “Adidas”.

For a Beauty-Addict Daddy (because they are more and more numerous!)

1. Gel Exfoliant “Au bonheur des Hommes”. 2. Blaireau “Plisson”. 3. Coffret Soin “Nuxe Homme”. 4. Bronzer Visage “Clinique Men”. 5. Un massage au SPA Vendôme. 6. Trousse de Toilette “Paul Smith”. 7. Vetiver Oriental “Serge Lutens”. 8. Shaving Oil “Ren Skincare”. 9. Nettoyant et Exfoliant Visage Mia 2 “Clarisonic”. 10. Drap de Bain “Hermès”. 11. Parfum “Montblanc”.

For a Daddy Fan of Design

1. Bougie “By Redo”. 2. Kit Planche + Couteaux Fromage “La Chaise Longue”. 3. Vide-Poches “Hermès”. 4. Poster Buffalo “Graffiti”. 5. Porte-Bouteilles “Kartell”. 6. Stylo design “Lexon”. 7. Horloge “Boconcept”. 8. Tablier Père-Fils “Les Coussins d’Emilie”. 9. Lampe “Zara Home”. 10. Cintre Moustache “Estampille 52”. 11. Livre “100 Years of Menswear”.

For a Geek Daddy

1. Clavier amovible Ipad “Qode”. Casque Vintage “Maxwell”. 3. Google Glass. 4. Enceinte Bluetooth “Lexon”. 5. Montre Galaxy Gear Fit “Samsung”. 6. Coque Iphone avec Batterie intégrée “Power Belkin”. 7. Google Chromecast. 8. Casque “Bang & Olufsen”. 9. Télécommande universelle “Logitech”. 10. Enceinte “Bose”.

And if you panic thinking you will never have time to shop those items, remember that Fathers are MEN, so they probably don’t care about Father’s Day (like they don’t about our birthdays, mother’s day, Valentine’s day or any day that we celebrate…), and I am sure they don’t even know it is this Sunday.
So don’t rush, get something they will really like, they won’t get mad at you for waiting a few more days!

Have a nice shopping


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