Yummy Places to go in Hollywood: Cantaloop


If you come visit Los Angeles, for sure you will go to Hollywood Boulevard, to see the Dolby Theatre, the stars on the sidewalk on the Walk of Fame.

And also for sure, whenever you will come, it will be hot, very hot, like everyday in this city! So to have a refreshing snack, go to this little place of Frozen Yogurts in the area, Cantaloop, my yummy ritual every sunday when I come back from the Hollywood Farmers Market.


Frozen Yogurt is a classic snack in California, the state of Sun and Low-calories stuff.

Cantaloop is one of my favorite places to have a Frozen Yogurt; much more tasty than the chain Pink Berry and also more confidential (even though some people like Paris Hilton show sometimes).


There are 6 choices of tastes, you can try them all, just ask for it! My favorite are the classics (Natural, Vanilla, Pistachio), but the Peanut Butter and Cheesacke one are amazing too. (savors change every month).

Then, feel free to ad some toppings to your frozen yogurt: sirups, fresh fruits, sweets, chocolate or granola.

. Cantaloop-Hollywood-Topping-Sweets-Frozen-Yogurts



Weight your ice-cream before you pay…and good surprise, the price is super affordable. I had 3 flavors, sweets and granola topping for 5 dollars ( 3,60 euros for Europeans) !


The address:
7095 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 874-0886

Have a nice week-end


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  1. Mon diiiiieu ! J’ai une crèmerie pas loin de chez moi qui propose se genre de glace / smoothie / yaourt glacé. Mais elle est fermé de septembre à mai. Bah ouais au Canada on est pas super firand de glaces l’hiver (abon?). Et là voir ce post coloré, yummy à souhait et so tutti frutti ça me donne envie d’avancer dans le temps et de pouvoir déguster à nouveau ces petites merveilles 😀


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