BY TERRY celebrates the 10 Year Anniversary of the “Baume de Rose”

Those who know me will accuse me of favoritism, but after 4 years having worked for the luxurious French Make-up brand BY TERRY, I could not avoid talking about the 10 year anniversary of their product : the BAUME DE ROSE.


If you haven’t heard of it, the BAUME DE ROSE is a nourishing, smoothing and regenerating lipcare, which became a must-have product and BY TERRY’s best-seller since its creation.

Baume de Rose Lipcare By Terry 10 years anniversary

In the core of the formula: 48 multi-active ingredients, Rose flower essential wax with softening and astringent properties, Shea butter with healing and soothing benefits, anti-oxydant Vitamin E….a glamorous and super-efficient daily cocktail, to apply on damaged lips during winter or dehydrated lips in Summer.

I have never been a fidel customer when it comes to cosmetics…I have 5 daycreams, I love to test new stuff, but since I tried it, Baume de Rose BY TERRY has become a permanent resident of my make-up pouch.

It was just perfect when I was living in Paris, to struggle against the cold temperatures on my Vespa, and now it protects my lips from Los Angeles’s dry and sunny weather.


Also, I love light and discreet Make-Up, and its rosy, softly shiny effect on my lips is just what I need.


If you don’t even know the “Maison de Maquillage” BY TERRY, let me show you some pictures I took while I was in Paris a few weeks ago of their beautiful flagship, in the charming and historic Galerie Vero-Dodat, next to Palais Royal.

Terry-de-Gunzburg-Parfums by terry



I really encourage you to discover this brand, mostly available in the USA at Barneys, Bloomingdales, and SPACE NK.

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Bonne semaine! (=have a nice week)


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  1. Bonjour !!

    Merci beaucoup pour ce joli article sur notre chouchou Baume de Rose ! A l’occasion de l’anniversaire de ce produit culte que nous continuons encore de fêter, un concours est actuellement en ligne sur notre Page Facebook Officielle : My Baume de Rose World Tour !

    Le principe ? Faire voyager votre Baume de Rose, prenez le en photo dans vos lieux favoris, à la plage, à Paris, à Londres ou … A Los Angeles ! Oui oui, nous serions vraiment ravies de découvrir une photo de votre Baume de Rose à Los Angeles !
    Terry et l’équipe By Terry choisiront la plus jolie photo parmi les 10 photos ayant reçues le plus de vote, la gagnante bénéficiera d’un an de produit de la marque !!

    Pour y participer, rendez vous au lien suivant :
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    Très bonne continuation dans votre joli blog et à très bientôt !!

    L’équipe By Terry !

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