My 2014 New Year Resolutions ✌

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Happy New Year!

You must have read this on a lot of status updates: “today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one”.

So, to start writing a good story, I guess it’s time to make my 2014 resolutions. I thought that maybe if I shared mine with you, it would encourage me to keep at least a few of them this year! :-).

Let’s start:

1. Try to be a little bit more Californian.

Gluten Free

Since I moved here last June, I did nothing but talk about France, Paris, how amazing are our foie gras, our baguette, (I am sorry but how dare Whole Foods call that crappy bread “French Baguette”!). I kept saying how beautiful and interesting was Paris compared to Los Angeles, where everything is new and charmless. Conclusion: my lover almost put me on a plane back to Paris. Oops.

So let’s try the gluten free stuff (I am gonna pretend that I am “allergic” to gluten like 90% of the local population), forget delicatessen and cheese, I will be an organic quinoa and kale girl. I will be happy to go to Venice Beach as the main entertainment during the week-end, because I already went to see the 3 permanent exhibitions hosted by 3 museums in the city. And I will leave my oversize jackets and flat boots for something more slutty, to look more local.

2. BUT, even if I plan to be more local, NEVER adopt all-occasions legging look (it still amazes me): legging as a pajamas, for the work out, for the afternoon with a long tee-shirt and at night with sparkling heels.

Legging Heels

3. In this integration purpose, I should probably start to use my yoga carpet, which I bought 2 months ago and is still hiding behind my fridge… Being in LA and not doing yoga is like living and Paris and not drinking red wine with cheese and ham: unbelievable. Plus this year is going to be full of tremendous changes, (I will share this with you very soon…), and I need to be Zen.

Legging Heels

4. Wear my Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots, I had to beg my husband for, telling him that the $800 was a real investment, arguing that I would wear it during 30 years, and that if he divided the price by those years it was only $26,6 a year…such a bargain at the end!

Theory Knit sweater Stuart-Weitzman-over-the-knee-sexy-boots

5. Stop pouting in photos. I swear I am a cool and funny girl, I don’t always look like I am carrying all the misery of the world on my shoulders! But I must confess…I hate my teeth.


6. Get off my Social Media addiction; stop looking at my Instagram to the risk of having a car accident (like for this photo), not being angry at my man because he deleted his Facebook account and now I feel like I have no more love relationship to the world’s eyes.

Instagram Addiction quote funny

7. Cure my other addiction to Netflix, with who I spent more time during the Christmas Holidays than with my family who came specially from France to visit me.

Netflix Addiction

8. Convince my husband to trade our cosy apartment in LA with balcony, view, swimming-pool, jacuzzi gym and rooftop for a studio under the roof without elevator in Paris, which will maybe cost the double. A resolution which hides a bigger and praiseworthy one if you think about it: taking bug challenges!

appartement paris sous les toits

9. Talking about my husband, I should post the pictures of our improvised wedding last August, and tell you the story of How I Met My Husband 10 months ago on a plane…

Mariage Wedding Los Angeles

10. In case I fail in my resolution N°8, give another chance to Los Angeles: learn how to love its always empty streets, its traffic, the fact that I must drive for everything and nothing, people that loooooooooove you when you meet them but that you will never see again, the terrible general fashion, the duck voice of girls making duck faces on pictures, the general hypocrisy which, at the end of the day, put everyone in a good mood, much better than in Paris. Do something that as a French girl I am not used to do: be positive and enjoy what I have, which is pretty cool.

Happiness Inspiration

And you, what are your resolution?

Je vous embrasse, et vous souhaite encore une très bonne année 2014. (= xx and again happy new year).

PS: Thanks to Darrick, Lauren, Valentine, Stéphane, Margaux, Karine, Daphnée, Karen, Ninon, Emilie, Margalette, Ekaterina, my sister Marina and all those who made 2013 such a nice year. Let’s make 2014 even better.

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