Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese


If you have seen the movie #chef, you must have been craving Grilled Cheese since (especially after this scene when Jon Favreau fixes one for his son at the beginning…).
Well, good news, there’s a place in LA which proposes similar “gourmet” Grilled Cheese, with high quality ingredients and original recipes.

Everyday, I was passing by Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese, on Melrose Avenue. With its yellow restaurant front, it looked like any other fast food to me; and as a healthy food militant, I never even considered grabbing something to eat there.

And one day, you know how it is…you partied the day before, there’s nothing in the fridge, you are starving, and you smell the grilled cheese. Then, there are no more “healthy” rules, you just NEED one of those sandwiches!

greenspan's grilled cheese

First, let me tell you a little bit more about the place: it was founded by Chef Greenspan, who, after he studied at the “Cordon Bleu” Culinary School of Paris, opened several restaurants in LA, (the most popular is The Foundry, now closed), and received multiple awards for the originality of his food.
Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese was born from his desire to combine affordable street food with high quality.


And I can tell you that quality is there! After a look at the short but mouth-watering menu, I chose the Johnny Pastrami, with cheddar, pastrami, apple mustard chutney and green apple (picture above). The buttered bread might be a little too much for me, but let’s not quibble, it is a delicious sandwich.

My man had the Cuban Rueben with squaw bread, gruyere cheese, mustard, pickles, pulled pork, house-made kraut, and it was…aah, even better (cover picture).

And, if you already started your spring diet, you can go for the beet and cheese salad, which was also very good.


PS: yes, it is super, super fat! But if you came to LA and did not plan to binge a little bit…you got the wrong destination!

Here’s the address:
Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese
7461 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, California 90046

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