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Harlyn Label new Fashion designer from Los Angeles California

I am the living proof that the “Pregnancy Brain” phenomenon is real. For me, it came in the form of loosing something everyday.

Why am I telling you this? When I was 3 months pregnant, I was meeting Maria Stanley, designer of the LA-based brand Harlyn Label.

We had a nice discussion, about the universe of the brand and its inspirations. A few days later, I was flying to Paris, and on this day I lost all my notes and the pictures I had taken, and my article about Harlyn Label was never written.

Well, six months later, it is high time to introduce you the brand!

I spotted the brand during the “Designer and the Muse” Los Angeles event, which gathers Californian fashion designers, every year.

Remember, it was my first time walking on a red carpet since I had arrived in LA, I was so proud!! (but it was before I learned that any opening in LA comes with a red carpet…)

Laura Albouy Fashion blog Initials LA Los Angeles

Laura Albouy Fashion Blog Initials LA designer and the muse

Anyway, Harlyn Label won this day the award of the best emergent talent, which was very deserved, and made me look at the brand a little bit closer.

That’s how I met Maria, in Harlyn Label’s headquarters.

Maria Stanley

What’s striking is that Maria looks exactly like her creations: cute like a babe, but seductive like a woman.

Her collections are very inspired by the 60’s, with super short dresses, original prints, flashy colors and retro cuts.

Harlyn masters in twisting the very prim and proper style into a feminine, comfortable and effortless chic silhouette…which reminds you what?

French style of course! And indeed, the Fall collection is very inspired by French fashion, with three key words: simplicity, taste, and elegance.

Harlyn Label Fall 2014 Los Angeles Designer

Harlyn Label Los Angeles Fashion preppy dress

Harlyn Label Los Angeles fashion

Harlyn Label Los Angeles Fashion Designer

Another reason for me to love the brand: one of their signature piece is the jumpsuit (my favorite!):

jumpsuit harlyn label fashion Los Angeles

jumpsuit harlyn label fashion Los Angeles

jumpsuit harlyn label fashion Los Angeles

I can’t wait to go back to LA in January to see their new collections, because unfortunately, Harlyn is not in France yet.

Harlyn Label is growing little by little, you can find it on revolveclothing.com in Europe, and here is the list of stockist in the rest of the World.

You can also follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram

Do you like it?

Je vous embrasse

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