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A very long article to translate for me, please excuse in advance my broken English!
I rarely talk about beauty, for the simple reason that my beauty routine is pretty basic and simple.
Ironic, when you know that I have mostly worked for luxury make-up brands!
But, even if I love this universe for its femininity, sophistication, imagination…I was never the girl doing her nails, putting on a new lipstick every day, or buying the new “miracle” skincare.

Talking about skincare, experience taught me that the essential is to wear a excellent moisturiser, and to remove my make up every night even if I just want to crash on my pillow sometimes.

This being said, I recently had the opportunity to try Elizabeth Arden’s skincare products, in particular the famous 8h Cream.


I was really curious, because as a former Skincare Marketer, I studied this cream which has been a Best-Seller for years with an unchanged composition.

Furthermore, since Jules was born, between my job, my blog, my trips between California and Paris, and him…I clearly gave up my beauty routine, and I was using fre skincare samples. If my former employers knew this…

Oh, and of course, the pregnancy + my 30 years old also had a hit on my face: hello wrinkles and dehydration lines!

All this to say that this 8h Cream arrived just at the right time in my life.

The texture is light, pretty fluid, and overall the skin is soft, smooth and plumped after you apply it.
The big bonus is that it hydrates my skin all day long, my skin does not feel tight at the end of the day like it does with some skincare.
The downside is that the cream is a little sticky right after you apply it, but if you wait a few minutes before you put on your Make-Up, it will penetrate perfectly.

As for the perfume, which smells like medicinal herbs and camphor: you will love it or hate it.
I personally like it, it gives it a pharmaceutical aspect which reassures me. I also know that the amazing perfumes in other creams are far from being natural, and I don’t like to put too much chemical stuff on my face, thank you but no thank you.

Oh, and last but not least quality: it’s also a good repairing and healing product: on dry lips or on a open wound (I burnt my hand last week, and I have been applying the 8h Cream on it), it is doing little miracles.

Conclusion: it deserves its reputation of MUST HAVE product.


But unfortunately, when you turn 30 years, it’s also time to use an anti-ageing treatment.
I told you I don’t believe in the products which claim they will erase or plump 90% of your wrinkles, but this new product Sérum Flawless Future caught my attention because it’s a new approach to the process of ageing

I will try to explain it simply: Elizabeth Arden’s scientific teams proved that ageing is also caused by stress, and women have never been more exposed to stress, with their crazy schedules between work, private life, children, cooking, working out…coming from a girl who knows, as it’s past midnight as I write this!

The two major discoveries:
1. Stress damages the Ceramides which support the collagen matrix of the skin, which encourages skin sagging and wrinkles.
2. Stress also damages the ends of our chromosomes. Those ends naturally get shorter and shorter with age, and once they are too short, our cells don’t duplicate anymore. This is part of the process of ageing. Stress accelerates this process and though BAM, we get older quicker.

This Serum will help to replenish the depleted Ceramides, and will protect those chromosomes ends.

It’s too early for me to tell you if it works, but I can already share that the cosmetic result is very nice: skin is smoothed, unified and more radiant. The texture is beautiful (little capsules which look like pearls), silky and very easy to apply.


There is also a Flawless Future Day Cream with the same properties, but since I am using the 8h Cream now I will tell you about it later ☻.


And for the Make Up, I love the Lip Balm, especially the Blush shade, such a fresh and cute color for the Summer!

What about your beauty routine? What are you using? Tell me about it!

Have a great week my loves


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