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New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, let’s talk about Make-Up!

You might not know it, but before I was working in Social Media between Paris and California, I used to work in the cosmetic industry, in Marketing and Communication.
I worked for beautiful brands such as Clarins, Lancôme or By Terry, so Make-Up is a little bit my thing!

Today, I open my cosmetic pouch and share with you my go-to products.


I may not be super objective, but after a few years working for By Terry, a French luxury brand who masters in foundation products, I was never able to switch brand.
Their strength: their textures combine skincare and make-up result, with a very natural and embellishing result.


I tried the last foundation, called Teint Densiliss (my first anti-aging foundation, bouhou!), and I love it.
It is a little covering, but offers a perfect unified complexion with natural and velvety finish.
I chose the shade “Beige Desert”, a nice rosy beige, ideal for olive-mate complexions like mine.

And now that I am a mother, I also need a concealer too! Turning 30 and motherhood killed my rested face.
I never go without the Touch-Expert Advanced from By Terry, a Multi-Corrective Concealer Brush which erases in a few clics my dark circles and imperfections.



For my lips, I love red-orange or coral shades, (I think that red, purple or brown shades don’t go well on me).
One of my favorite lipstick is Rouge in Love “Rose Boudoir” from Lancôme, a nice coral which gives me a fresh holidays look.

And if I want to look more sophisticated, I switch for the Rouge Kiss Kiss from Guerlain, shade “Red Kiss”, a super-red, feminine and sensual shade.


Finally, when I want to be light on make-up, I put a little bit of Baume de Rose from By Terry, a lipcare which nourrishes, protects and embellishes my lips with a rosy shiny effect.

baume-de-rose-by-terry-soin lèvres hydratant


blush-by terry densiliss-poudrier-rose

If I had to pick only one make-up product, it would be the blush. I think that rosy cheeks give instantly a fresh and radiant complexion (like you just had a good walk in the cold).
I have tones of blushes, in cream, powder or liquid textures, but my favorite one is this luxurious powder compact By Terry Blush Densiliss. I use the “Flash Fiesta” shade.


Terracotta-Guerlain-maquillage poudre-bronzante

A must-have: the Terracotta from Guerlain, which I only use in all-over when my complexion is dully.



It is my little beauty secret, because almost every day someone asks me what is my perfume and I rarely reveal it!
It is Narcotic Venus, from the Italian brand Nasomatto.
How can I describe this fragrance. I will use the words of Nasomatto: “the result of the quest for the overwhelming addictive intensity of female sexual power”.
Here you are!

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