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I meant to make a post about my beauty essentials for a while.
Beauty essentials? This did not mean ANYTHING a few years ago, when a touch of lipstick was enough to look amazing. Now, I need a army of little tools (concealers, blush, unifier, foundation..) toย literally “save face”.
I recently changed my whole beauty routine, and here are the big winners I carry everywhere with me:

Joues Contraste “In Love” by Chanel blush. I love the fresh pink shade which gives a healthy glow, especially on an olive complexion like mine.

– For dark circles and imperfections, I use the Perfection concealer by Chanel:
I actually don’t really have dark circles, but my eyes are sunken and I need to highlight my eye contour. The thing I really like about this concealer is that the shades are very natural and blend with my skin tone. Plus it does have a beautiful brightening, matifying and long-lasting finish.

– For my lips: the whole range of “Pencil” from Nars. The very first lipstick which deserves its “long-lasting” name, according to me. One application will last for a few hours, even if you eat/drink/kiss (the natural order of a woman’s evening, right?) I love it so much that I already got 3 different reds.

– For the eyes: The brown eye-liner by Chanel. I am sorry there’s so much Chanel in this selection, I just happened to have been extremely well advised by the Chanel booth manager in Los Angeles (Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, for those who are interested in an awesome make-up makeover).

– For lips hydration: By Terry’s Baume de Rose, my favorite balm to nourish and sublime my lips, irreplaceable.

Do you have beauty essentials you wanna share?


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