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After 3 shooting sessions, I finally publish this holiday outfit…it only took 3 different locations, 3 different times of the day and maybe 500 pictures to finally pick 8 of them. If you guys have seen the hilarious Instagram Husbands video which went viral last week, you can imagine what JP experienced for this shooting.

Why have I been so difficult? Because I really, really like this outfit, which I picked for my New Year’s party, and I wanted to show it under the best circumstance. The dress comes from Reformation, a Made in LA brand which designs and manufactures limited-edition collections in their own factory, with sustainable fabrics.









You already know the coat (Maje) and my fantastic and so sexy over-the-knee boots (Stuart Weitzam). The other highlight of this look is this cute pouch, also made in LA by the French-American designer Jenni Jane who I met last week. I’ll talk more about her cool band very soon!

Glasses: Polette Eyewear

Pictures: JP


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  1. Magnifique, du made in LA,
    Trés Jolies photo, j adore la robe,
    Les bottes ajoutent une touche d’elegance tout en ayant se sexy French Je ne sais quoi.
    La pochette quant à Elle est magnifique, elegante, moderne, trendy chic et arty.

    Merci pour Ce partage

  2. Thanks all for the support! And Jeremy, I’m proud that I was also able to understand and further deliver your message. And you are correct about saving my anger and sadness. I wish I had to ability and level of spirituality that this would require, but I can honestly say that I am not there yet!

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